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  • Embark on a Special Journey with These Silver Engagement Designs

    July 27, 2023 3 min read

    Embark on a Special Journey with These Silver Engagement Designs

    Engagement is the celebration of love and silver is the perfect way to celebrate this love. Pick only from the finest collection of silver rings to commemorate this new beginning and union of love. Silver rings by the artisans at Paksha symbolize eternal love with classic, versatile designs that can impress and charm generations to come. 

    Promise a lifetime of happiness and togetherness with these 5 silver ring designs that will make the perfect engagement ring for your lovely partner. 

    1. Mother of Sparkle CZ Silver Finger Ring

    Mother of sparkle is a glamorous big finger ring for the fashionista in your partner. The mother of sparkle is called so because ofits bright and sparkling centre stone and the tiny, equally radiant CZ stones that go down the sides of the ring from the central design. The central CZ stone is also surrounded by smaller CZ crystals that just add to the beauty of the ring. White rhodiumpolish gives it a delicate, glamorous feel. Big finger rings such as this often look best when worn on the forefinger or thumb. 

    2. Millenia CZ Silver Ring

    If your partner is someone who loves sporting edgy looks then the Millenia silver finger ring is right for your loved one. The design is cool, trendy, and makes a bold statement. It might not be your typical engagement ring but the unique design and appeal are sure to make your partner fall head over heels in love with it. This big finger ring features high-quality cubic zircons in different shapes and sizes. 

    3. Chestnut CZ Silver Ring

    Chestnut is an elegant, classic design that is here to stay. The ring features a circular cubic zircon on a square frame with tiny cubic zircons encrusted on it. The band also features semi-precious stones which are intricately crafted and integrated into the design. The rose gold finish on the ring only accentuates the color and vibrance of the cubic zircons on the crown of the silver finger ring as well as on its band. all its grandeur, its ring s crafted for the perfect romantic gesture. Big finger rings make for the best gesture towards your partner. Think of the big finger rings size as a measure of your love towards your loved one. 

    4. Single Band CZ Silver Ring

    Silver bands have been in vogue for some time now. Simple and delicate bands have been making big romantic gestures. The CZ band in this silver finger ring looks classy and sophisticated with the display of the bright shining cubic zirconia speaking a love language only romantics can understand. There is nothing your loved one would cherish and treasure all their life if ‘elegant and sophisticated, yet grounded’ is their way of life. 

    5. Catia Intricate CZ Silver Ring

    Stackable silver finger rings have been given a new and exciting twist in this trendy new design. Catia is a best seller for all the right reasons. The rose gold finish, sparkling white CZ stones, and a unique new way of expressing love with this piece have turned many hearts into a big mush. Silver finger rings can be worn as a standalone and stacked uniquely with their companion. 

    Couples these days have been experimenting with new materials, designs, trends, and innovative ideas to proclaim and celebrate love. Our fashion has evolved from the old-school way of celebrating love with silver finger rings to newer, trendier ways of celebrating partnerships. While the emotion remains the same, the ways of expressing it have truly blossomed.