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    Shop Paksha’s Delicate American Diamond Jewellery Collection - Tyarra

    Paksha has curated the Tyarra collection and aligned it perfectly with the current trends of minimalistic jewellery. The essence of simplicity and sophistication inspires the minimalistic CZ jewellery in the collection. It is characterised by clean lines and subtle details, offering a timeless aesthetic transcending fleeting fashion trend. The collection features delicate jewellery studded with American diamonds that range from minimalistic bar necklaces and dainty stud earrings to sleek bangles & bracelets. This versatile and practical American diamond jewellery is ideal for styling with your contemporary outfits and everyday wear. We are showcasing below our most-loved delicate jewellery styles from the collection, which are aesthetically pleasing and suitable for your daily wear.


    The minimalistic short necklaces in the collection are designed to embody simplicity and sophistication. The necklaces feature the sparkle of American diamonds, kempu and quartz gemstones with floral, geometric and tribal motifs. The most sought-after jewellery piece amongst short necklaces is the Noor CZ Ice Queen Silver Necklace which has round, baguette-shaped stones that give the impression of ice crystals hanging around your neck. The short necklace is perfect for office parties or a casual date night look. You can explore further and discover that the collection offers charm pendant necklaces that can be personalised per your initials or favourite alphabets.


    The delicate drop earrings in the collection are crafted with precision and are designed to give the jewellery a sleek and geometric look. The earrings feature a minimalist aesthetic that effortlessly enhances your natural beauty. The sleek design allows them to cascade from your earlobes gracefully. It elongates your neckline and draws attention to your facial features. The Cylindrical CZ Delicate Silver Threader Earrings feature a cubic zirconia studded cylindrical motif at the bottom of a dainty threader chain, giving it a unique and refreshing look. These sleek drop earrings from our Tyarra collection are a must-have addition to your jewellery collection.


    Our versatile stud earrings from the Tyarra collection complement both traditional Indian attire and contemporary outfits. Our designers have curated the American diamond studs, keeping in mind how Indian women prefer stud earrings for everyday wear, owing to their elegance and practicality. Our CZ stud earrings' lightweight and comfortable nature makes them an ideal choice for daily wear. It allows women to elevate their outfits while effortlessly going about their busy routines. Our top pick is the Bloom Classic CZ Delicate Silver Stud Earrings which are elegant and classy, just like you. The earrings feature cubic zirconia floral petals, which can be customised in rhodium, white gold or rose gold finish.


    Our classic hoop earrings' sleek and polished appearance makes them the perfect accessory for office wear. A minimalistic pair of silver hoop earrings adds a hint of grace to your professional attire without overwhelming your look. Our geometric hoop earrings can complement various outfits, from tailored suits to chic blouses and pencil skirts. The Hexa CZ Delicate Hoop Silver Earrings are crafted in hallmarked 925 silver with delicate patterns and high-quality CZ stones. You can style these hoop earrings for a corporate meeting or a casual day at the office. The minimalistic accessory strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and fashion-forward style, making it your staple choice for office wear.

    The Tyarra collection holds a special place in the hearts of our customers. The contemporary and minimalistic designs garner love from all across the world. We are committed to offering high-quality American diamond jewellery in pure sterling silver. We combine authenticity with affordability to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Moreover, the durability of silver ensures that these treasures withstand the test of your daily schedule efficiently with a guarantee that your delicate jewellery remains stunning and resilient.