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    The beauty of pendant necklaces lies in the pendant. You may want a pendant necklace with a floral motif or  temple or  contemporary motif,  alphabets, charms, or quirky designs. The collection of 925 silver pendants has a lot of motifs that are gorgeous and absolutely fit your needs. You can wear these pendants for any occasion. Be it casual, day events, soirees, formal parties, intimate dinners, etc., there is something for everyone. Apart from this, we have pendants that you can wear daily with some care to maintain the glow of your pendants for a long time.  

    Pendants are very versatile in nature. You can wear them to any occasion and feel like a million bucks. You can wear a pendant solo for an understated look or layer them with different sized necklaces like chokers and short necklaces for a bolder look.  

    Paksha’s silver pendants are made from 1 micron gold-plated hallmarked 925 silver. They may be embellished with precious and semi-precious gemstones, beads, and pearls to make them more attractive. Let us have a look at the variety of pendants available at Paksha:


    These pendants have an understated look that can be easily worn with solids to underline your appearance. They can be worn on a daily basis and still look dressed up without making an effort. The  Baroque Dreamy Moissanite Silver Pendant Necklace is one of them. Made in a baroque style with carvings of 3D flora and fauna and encrusted with sparkling Moissanite stone, the pendant is beautiful and unique and can be worn every day.  Mangalsutra pendants in silver are all the rage nowadays. Shine with Paksha’s  Forever Elegant Cz Silver Mangalsutra, or choose from the numerous designs available on our website.  


    Pendant Necklaces that have more than 1 chain are Layered pendant necklaces. These necklaces have a shorter chain with a pendant and a longer chain to fit properly with your dress’s neckline. You can go for deep V necklines, or off-the-shoulder necklines or tube tops to bring out the grace of pendant necklaces. A perfect example of a layered pendant necklace is the Forever CZ Delicate Silver Layered Charm Necklace. Made from white gold, the pendant necklace has a big green CZ stone in the center of the second layer and has suspended white heart-shaped CZ stones along the pendant. Look elegant and chic when you adorn this pendant necklace at parties, special occasions, etc. 


    As the name suggests, alphabet sterling silver pendant necklaces have an alphabet as a central pendant encrusted with semi-precious stones. They make the perfect gifts for your loved ones. In the instance of  Alphabet A-Z Charms Rose Gold Plated Silver Necklace, Alphabet A – the rose gold-plated pendant makes for a personal gift for your friends and family. Lettered or name pendants  


    Rasi pendants have coins with the sun signs the coin with small stones on both sides. They can, also, make a personal gift for your friends and family. Like the Peridot Leo Zodiac Layered Gold Plated Silver Necklace has two layers and the image of a lion on the coin and peridots set at intervals add to the beauty of the necklace.  


    Charm pendants have charms woven in or suspended from the chain of the pendants. For example, the Malachite Duo Layer Square Charn Silver Necklace has two charms in square shape; the first one made up of tiny CZ stones and the second one is made up of malachite stone. The chains are very delicate and need to be handled carefully.  


    Temple pendants are inspired from the designs on Indian temples and carry the motif of gods, goddesses, and nakshi work. Like the Gopala Nakshi Antique Silver Pendant Set which has the elegant design of Lord Krishna carved on the pendant along with conch designs and a  jhumka part with pearl suspended on it. Temple pendants are perfect for traditional events and functions.