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    Bangles and bracelets are timeless accessories usually made from glass, plastic, metal or wood. Extremely popular among women in the Indian subcontinent, silver bangles and bracelets are essential to their jewellery collection. In fact, silver and gold-plated bangles form an indelible part of theย ย bridal ensemble. No jewellery collection is complete without silver bangles or silver bracelets in some designs. Bangles are worn on the one hand only and are called kadas. While bangles are rigid in form, bracelets can be either rigid, adjustable, or in chain form.ย 

    When shopping for bangles and bracelets, there are various designs. Precious metal bangles like silver and bracelets are generally reserved for special occasions like festivals, celebrations, or weddings.ย 

    Pure silver bangles and bracelets in different finishes have gained massive popularity among jewellery enthusiasts because of their unique designs and the grace they add to ethnic outfits. Pure silver bangles and bracelets come in the form of solid bracelets, cuff bracelets, or chain bracelets. Let us look at the different styles available in the market:ย 

    Stackable Silver Bangles and Bracelets:ย 

    As the name suggests, these bangles and bracelets are minimal in width. Thus, you can pair them with different designs and sizes to create a fashionable stack. Alternatively, you can wear thin gold-plated silver bangles or bracelets for a minimal look. One of the best examples of stackable silver bangles is theย  Hiral CZ Silver Bangles. These 925 silverย ย rose gold plated bangles are studded with high-quality CZ stones to add shine to the bangles. The bangles can be worn in a stack or singly and look alluring when paired with ethnic outfits.ย 

    Cuff Silver Bangles and Bracelets:ย 

    Cuff bangles and bracelets are open on one side and, thus, can be adjusted around the wrist for maximum comfort.ย ย Cuff bangles and bracelets can have different designs on adjustable closures to make them more attractive. The adjustable closures can also be studded with gemstones such asย ย Jadau, Kempu, Polki, CZ, Pearl, etc. Theย ย Pia Jadau Silver Bracelet has an interesting closure design. The entire bracelet is made of simple gold-plated sterling silver with delicate floral designs on the closure studded with uncut Polki stones in the Jadau style. It can be paired with a watch or other contrasting bangles to create a statement look.ย 

    Solid Silver Bangles and Bracelets:ย 

    Solid silver bangles and bracelets are generally rigid in shape. So, it is essential to know your bangle size to avoid any size issues later on. Solid silver bangles for women and bracelets come in different designs such as floral,ย ย tribal, delicate, geometric, etc. Theย ย Rasika Classic Moissanite Silver Bangles are pretty remarkable, with asymmetrically shaped Moissanite stones studded in a gold-plated 925 silver bangle frame. The bangles are meant for special occasions and weddings and can be combined with thin metal bangles to create a stacked look.ย 

    Kada Silver Bangles and Bracelets:ย 

    As the name suggests, silver kada bangles and bracelets can be worn on their own or combined with other bangles for a trendy look. These bangles usually have a substantial width and can be designed with floral, leaf, temple, tribal, or filigree patterns to make them exceptional. One such example is theย ย Swara Floral Filigree Silver Bangle. With their intricate floral and filigree patterns, pink stones, and metal beads in a gold-tone finish, these silver bangles are perfect for wedding celebrations and festive events. Gold plated silver bracelets are all the rage nowadays, so look to upgrade your look with a couple from Paksha this season!ย 

    Oxidised Silver Bangles and Braceletsย 

    Oxidised bangles and bracelets are made from 925 silver metal with an oxidised silver finish. They can have tribal patterns or swirling floral/bird designs. These pure silver banglesย  can be worn with both western and ethnic outfits .Theย ย Navil Oxidized Silver Bangleshave a very enchanting design of curling vines and blossoms around peacock designs and are studded with precious kempu red and moissanite stones. These luxurious silver bangles are perfect for any special occasion and will look phenomenal when paired with ethnic outfits.ย