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    Shop Antique Indian Temple Jewellery – Mandira Collection

    Paksha’s Mandira collection is inspired by the rich heritage of South Indian temple architecture and the divine pantheon of Indian gods and goddesses. The collection's name, Mandira, derives from the Hindi word meaning ‘mandir’ or ‘temple’ in English. Our temple jewellery has unique traditional motifs with images of gods and goddesses, animals, and other elements that hold special meaning in Hindu mythology and culture.

    One of the most common symbols in our temple jewellery collection is the depiction of various gods and goddesses from Hindu mythology. For instance, Goddess Lakshmi is often shown holding a lotus flower, Lord Krishna is mainly seen with Goddess Radha and Lord Ganesh is depicted with an elephant's head. These divine representations in antique jewellery are believed to bring you good luck and protection. You can also witness the carvings of various birds and animals on our South-Indian jewellery, like the peacock which represents beauty and grace, and the elephant, which symbolizes strength and wisdom. Other symbols, like the Lotus floral motifs, signify purity and enlightenment, whereas the geometric motifs and patterns represent unity, balance, and stability. Understanding the symbolism behind our designs can deepen your appreciation for our traditional jewellery pieces and help you know how our skilled artisans channel their expertise to breathe life into a myriad of unique jewellery concepts.

    We are showcasing below a variety of unique concepts like bridal temple jewellery, Jadau temple jewellery, temple jewellery with moissanite stones or American diamond temple jewellery and ensure that every individual finds a piece that resonates with their style and reverence for tradition.


    Our antique temple jewellery consists of traditional necklaces, elegant jhumkas or chandbali earrings and heritage-style bangle sets in the antique-gold finish that reflects the charm of the bygone era. Every antique jewellery piece in the collection is handcrafted to evoke the grandeur of ancient South Indian temples. Moreover, the rich patina and antique appearance add a sense of authenticity and history to the jewellery. You can wear this jewellery on special occasions to celebrate the tradition and rich cultural heritage.


    Paksha’s bridal temple jewellery is a radiant tribute to the sacred union of marriage. Our bridal temple jewellery is crafted carefully and features intricate floral motifs or depictions of divine Gods and Goddesses. In South India, it is considered auspicious to wear depictions of revered deities such as Goddess Lakshmi, Durga or other divine symbols on one's wedding day, as they are believed to bring blessings of good luck, prosperity, and protection to the bride. If you are a bride-to-be, we suggest you initiate your marital journey with the spiritual aura of our temple jewellery pieces.


    Our skilled artisans at Paksha have infused the art of Jadau craft to find expression in the regal charm of South Indian jewellery. The Jadau temple jewellery consists of traditional jewellery like the classic Jadau silver bracelet studded with polki, Kundan and kempu stones. The jewellery in the collection is perfect for styling with traditional wear on special occasions to make a lasting impression at celebratory gatherings.


    Our Moissanite studded temple jewellery epitomizes contemporary elegance infused with traditional charm. The brilliance and shine of moissanite stones beautifully complement the antique designs of temple jewellery. Moissanite jewellery in temple motifs offers a modern twist on traditional design. It makes the jewellery versatile enough to be worn for both formal and casual occasions. You can style an antique choker set or jhumka earrings for formal events and a sleek pendant necklace from the collection for casual occasions.

    Paksha’s Mandira collection is an absolute must-have in your jewellery collection. You can choose from a wide range of antique necklaces, earrings, or bangle sets that are ideal to be passed down as family heirloom through generations. You can explore more jewellery option on our homepage. Happy shopping.