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    Shop Rasika Collection by Paksha - Moissanite Silver Jewellery Collection

    Paksha's Rasika Collection is renowned for its luxury and refinement. It is celebrated for its fine detailing and impeccable craftsmanship. The collection offers a stunning range of gold-plated 925 silver heirloom jewellery that embodies the essence of tradition and the Victorian era. The Victorian jewellery designs pay homage to the romanticism and elegance of the period. The jewellery incorporates intricate patterns and ornate detailing that evoke a sense of nostalgia and refinement. One of the hallmarks of the collection is its use of antique and yellow gold finish. The rich and warm tones of antique gold add vintage charm, while the lustrous sheen of yellow gold exudes luxury and sophistication. These finishes complement the semi-precious gemstones used in the jewellery, creating a harmonious balance of texture and colour. Our collection caters to those seeking classic and Victorian-era jewellery for weddings and festive occasions. Each jewellery piece holds a more profound significance as a symbol of celebration and joy. The moissanite jewellery in the collection is designed to adorn the bride on her special day and elevate her wedding ensemble. These jewellery pieces can also be your traditional heirlooms, which can be cherished for generations.

    The jewellery from the collection ranges from elaborate polki necklaces and pendant sets studded with kempu stones to statement moissanite earrings. We present here a glimpse of the sophistication and grandeur the collection beholds.


    The earrings in the Rasika collection range from polki-studded jhumkas to moissanite drop earrings. You cannot miss the charm of Gaurika Moissanite Silver Drop Earrings that feature hand-set moissanite and polki stones surrounded by micro pave cubic zirconia finished with gold plating. These polki-moissanite earrings are the perfect choice to add a touch of regal elegance to your Indo-ethnic gowns. You can explore other drop earrings in the collection for a contemporary look. You are sure to make a lasting impression with earrings from the Rasika Collection at any cocktail event.


    If you are a bride-to-be, you must explore the necklaces in the Rasika collection. The necklaces blend traditional and contemporary designs and are cherished pieces that elevate the bridal ensemble to unparalleled levels of beauty and grace. Our visually stunning Rasika Grandeur Moissanite Silver Choker is expertly created from various moissanite stones in mixed classic cuts and high-quality cubic zirconia stones. This moissanite jewellery is a perfect accessory for brides who want to honour their roots while embracing modernity. You can make the beautiful choker necklace as a part of your wedding day or explore more grand necklaces from the collection.


    The Rasika collection pendant sets are ideal for intimate gatherings and small celebrations. The designs are minimalistic and suitable for casual get-togethers with friends and family for festive occasions. The use of semi-precious gemstones like moissanite, polki, or kempu stones adds a touch of glamour and sparkle to the pendant sets. The Idyllia Moissanite Silver Pendant Necklace is our definition of elegance and grace. The pendant set features floral and bird motifs wrapped in the brilliance of moissanite stones and emerald drop beads. You can pair this subtle pendant set with a classic saree for a traditional gathering or a chic dress for a modern celebration.


    The bangles from the collection are crafted by skilled artisans who employ centuries-old techniques to create visually stunning pieces and imbued with a sense of heritage and tradition. The bangles are crafted from high-quality silver with lustrous yellow-gold plating. Our favourites are the Manasi Moissanite Floral Silver Banglesย crafted with refined hand settings and hours of skilled work. You can pair the bangles with a traditional saree for a wedding or wear them with a Western dress for a fusion look.

    The design philosophy behind the Rasika Collection is rooted in tradition yet infused with a modern sensibility. The moissanite and Victorian jewellery of the collection offers a glimpse into a world where elegance knows no bounds.