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    Shop Pakshaโ€™s Nakshatra Collection โ€“ An American Diamond Jewellery Collection

    Paksha's Nakshatra collection has garnered widespread acclaim in recent years owing to its remarkable blend of stunning appearance and affordability. The collection consists of high-quality American diamond jewellery that emulates the sparkle of natural diamonds. The versatile Nakshatra collection offers various designs, styles, and options that suit your tastes and preferences. It consists of classic, vintage and contemporary American diamond jewellery that ranges from statement necklaces to stunning pendant sets to gorgeous cubic zirconia earrings. The variety of choices ensures there is something for everyone. You can style these impressive American diamonds on your wedding, cocktail events, or grand celebration. Here is a list of our best-selling jewellery pieces from selected categories of the collection.


    Paksha's collection of Cubic zirconia necklaces is designed to elevate and accentuate your neckline. The brilliance and sparkle of American diamonds ensure that you shine with unparalleled glamour during your most enchanting evenings. The collection offers stunning long and short necklaces that suit your neckline and detailed choker sets with floral motifs that exude grace and charm. The grand Nalina Gold Plated CZ Silver Guttapusalu Necklace Set is a show-stopper beauty from the collection. It features semi-precious gemstones, intricate floral motifs, and traditional Guttapusalu cluster pearls that make this necklace the epitome of luxury. You can style this masterpiece at a lavish gala or a cocktail event.


    The pendant necklaces from the Nakshatra collection are perfect for styling during intimate gatherings and romantic date nights. The jewellery pieces feature a delicate pendant suspended from a dainty chain or a matching pendant and earring duo in a dual-tone or yellow-gold finish. Our top pick is the Malini CZ Silver Pendant Setย crafted in hallmark 925 silver and features premium-quality American diamond gemstones. This pendant necklace's intricate floral and peacock motifs remind us of the precious jewels encrusted on a queen's crown. You can wear the pendant necklace and feel like royalty at your next cosy gathering or a romantic candlelight dinner.


    Our cubic zirconia earrings collection consists of various eye-catching styles, which include gorgeous studs, hoops and ineffable drop earrings. Each pair in the collection is designed to make a statement and leave a lasting impression while you party in style. You cannot miss the stunning appeal of our favourite Aqua Shine CZ Drop Silver Earrings that feature high-quality American diamonds and vibrant aqua and blue semi-precious gemstones. The cool, tranquil tones of aqua and blue mimic the clarity and purity of frozen crystals that capture the light when you gently sway with movement. Style these beauties for your next party and get showered with attention and compliments from everyone.


    The classic bangle sets from the Nakshatra collection will make the perfect addition to your wedding wardrobe. The slip-on bangles in vibrant hues of red, yellow and green gemstones can complement your wedding looks, from traditional ceremonies to grand receptions. The Elegance Grand CZ Silver Bangles are ideal to be paired with a red saree or a wedding gown. The bangles are crafted in 925 pure silver with gleaming cubic zirconia and red tourmaline stones. The luxurious bangle set will ensure you radiate beauty and confidence while wearing them on a special day.


    Our versatile bracelets from the Nakshatra collection are the perfect accessory to elevate your everyday office attire with sophistication. The cubic zirconia bracelets can easily transition from office wear to formal evening looks. The Classic CZ Statement Silver Bracelet can be paired with your formal fits, like a tailored blazer or a relaxed evening dress. It features semi-precious emerald stone at the centre, surrounded by cubic zirconia leaf patterns. We consider this American diamond jewellery piece as a wardrobe essential for the modern woman on the go.

    The above-highlighted American diamond jewellery pieces merely offer a glimpse into the breathtaking beauty of our Nakshatra collection. You can explore an unparalleled selection of sparkling jewels and stock in your favourite jewellery designs. Happy shopping!