7 Elegant Silver Bangle Designs That can be Trendsetters

July 27, 2023 3 min read

7 Elegant Silver Bangle Designs That can be Trendsetters

Bangles are an integral part of any traditional and semi-traditional outfit. They add a touch of youthfulness to your outfits. Over the years we have seen a variety of designs come and go, but Paksha’s artisans are keen on creating heirloom designs that will stay relevant at all times and enchant the wearer and the onlooker at any point in time. 

Some iconic bangle designs will set the trend for future generations: 

1. Mohavi Kempu Jadau Silver Bangles

Mohavi artisanal gold-plated  silver bangles feature iconic mayur motifs and traditional paisley. The silver bangles are designed with a screw that will ease wearing and removing. Pink, green and white Kempu stones symmetrically grace the design making it a true visual treat. Silver bangles for women with kempu stones are always the most attractive option. Kempu bangles always look great on ethnicwear. 

2. Vikasa Jadau Silver Bangle Kada

Vikasa is that gorgeous925 silver bangle design that you will regret not buying. The design is so captivating that it stays in your mind long after seeing it. The Kada epitomises understated elegance in this Jadau-styled accessory. This openable gold-platedsilver cuff bangle displays the grace and poise of feminine floral motifs embedded with semi-precious Polki stones arranged in the most enchanting manner. Wear this kada to make a statement at the end of your bangle set. Gold-plated silver bangles like these will make you thebelle of the ball! 

3. Mohini Polki Silver Bangles

The  Mohini Polki Silver Banglesdisplay the beauty of emerald polki in an elaboratelydesigned gold plated silver bangles.  These gold plated silver bangles for women are designed to stand out amongst a set of established designs because of their unique designs. The circular patterns on these 925 silver bangles are meant to accentuate your wrists . 

4. Sahi Kempu Jadau Silver Bangles

Explore the nuances of the rich heritage and culture of India with thesegold plated silver bangles. The stones on these kempu bangles are arranged intimately in a symmetrical fashion along floral motifs. The coming together of Kempu stones and the Jadau style of design makes for a perfect heirloom. The grace and versatility of these 925  silver bangles for women will remain relevant even in the years to come. 

5. Padhma Classic Heirloom Silver Bangle

Padhma is a grand silver bangle crafted meticulously with Kempu stones embedded into elaborate floral motifs. The piece displays expert craftsmanship with the brilliant use of freshwater pearls, semi-precious gemstones, kempu stones and gold-plated silver in this regal piece. The layers on this bangle make it look like more than one bangle is stacked together. This unique design style sets it apart from the rest of thetraditional kempu bangles. 

6. Duhita Jadau Silver Bangles

The design for Duhita is inspired by floral blossoms. The clusters of pearls crafted along the edges of the bangles add a hint of playfulness to this design. The off-white colour of pearls and the brightly coloured Kempu stones creates a unique contrasting brilliance.  

7. Ganpat Tribal Silver Bangles

The essence of tribal jewelry is in its rustic, earthy motifs and features. What stands out in this piece is the coming together of tribal elements and the depiction of Lord Ganesh in this spectacular bangle set. The oxidized finish on this antique tribal bangle set is definitely a highlight

This design is a perfect addition to your atelier if you are looking for a timeless design. 

If there is one thing common among the wide variety of  gorgeously handcrafted jewelry is the grace and charm it exudes. They are just what your outfits need to add a bit of oomph to your attires. 

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