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  • 5 Maang Tikkas for the New Bride in You

    July 27, 2023 3 min read

    5 Maang Tikkas for the New Bride in You

    Maang tikkas are an integral part of your wedding attire. Take one step further in your search for the perfect wedding look that can’t be completed without an elaborately crafted silver maang tikka studded with radiant, semi-precious gemstones. 

    We’ve curated a list of 5 gorgeous bridal maang tikkas that you need to include in your wedding ensemble to totally rock all your wedding outfits from mehndi, sangeet, and haldi to the wedding and reception. 

    1. Mayur Kempu Jadau Silver Maang Tika

    This maang tikka is a radiant accessory that is a testament to the expert craftsmanship of the artisans at Paksha. The piece features a pair of peacocks crafted elegantly onthe borders of the central design, surrounded by floral nuances and resplendent Kempu stones embedded in the floral motifs. The textures and the antique gold finish on the attractive peacock motifs give this piece a royal touch and make it a perfect accessory for the wedding. The maang tikka also adorns the parting of your hair with its floral motifs and pearl embellishments. The piece is finished with pearl clusters and pastel green beads that hang playfully on your forehead. Bridal maang tikkas like thisone will definitely make you shine bright at your wedding! 


    2. Kijani Jadau Silver Maang Tika

    Kijani is a piece that is destined to brighten your outfit with its lively designs and motifs. Each and every element is designed to bring this piece to life. The central chaand motif embedded with polki stones, the lotus and other floral motifs and the pearl detailing transform this bridal maang tikka into a refined accessory. 


    3. Mehtab Kempu Jadau Silver Maang Tika

    Mehtab is yet another beauty with striking features. This piece is perfect for anyone who loves traditional features in their accessories. This uniquely designed maang tikka features the iconic crescent moon-shaped motif that we lovingly refer to as the ‘chaand’. The motifs that deck the parting of the hair are detailed with tiny rice pearls and floralmotifs embedded with Kempu stones. The central chaand motif is also surrounded by intricate floral details. The tiny bead that falls gracefully on the forehead, adds definition to this ornate piece of jewelry.



    4. Vihasta Jadau Silver Maang Tika

    Vihasta is a timeless silver maang tikka embedded with the most vibrant polki stones. This kundan maang tikkafeatures two iconic chaand motifs. The string that holds the bud-shaped motif within the cusp of the crescent moon motif is also ornately embellished with clusters of pearls and polki stones. Tiny pearls are arranged along the periphery of the bud. The tiny crescent placed right below the bigger chaand and the bigger chaand motif are intricately detailed with clusters of pearls and green beads, adding grace and poise to this kundan maang tikka. 

    5. Neeyati Silver Maang Tika

    Neeyati is crafted to perfection with sterling silver and finished with the finest gold polish. The green-coloured beads bring out the best features of its radiant gold polish. The piece is also finished with pale yellow clusters of pearls that contribute to the beauty of this enchanting piece. Neeyati is simple, elegant and transformative. 


    Maang tikkas have made their way into the wedding checklists and have become an indispensable part of our perfect wedding look. Shop for some of the finest maang tikkas online on Paksha’s virtual store. .