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  • Unique and Memorable Gifts For Her on Women’s Day

    February 15, 2022 3 min read

    Unique and Memorable Gifts For Her on Women’s Day
    The season of love is upon all of us. There is love all around us, the young love, the old and wise love and everything in between. Nothing expresses love and affection like jewelry. And Paksha’s skillfully designed fine jewelry is crafted to celebrate love and your loved ones.

    Here are some designs that can be intimate, elegant and a perfect gift to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

    1. Trillium Drop Silver Earrings

    This pair of exquisite silver earrings are inspired by the three-petalled flower that symbolizes beauty and purity. The earrings are made from 925 silver and plated with gold to beautify the piece. The earrings are studded with moissanite stones to enhance the beauty of the piece. The design is completed with beads and a cluster of pearls hanging off of the frame. This fresh and new design is sure to make a memorable gift for your loved one this season.

    2. Statement Pearl Earrings

    Women are leading ladies in all walks of life, be it home or at work they are coming out as confident, smart and beautiful women ready to tackle any challenges that come their way.

    The jewelry space also has been redefining jewelry to accommodate this pleasant change and we can see that in designs that are now becoming a part of a woman’s work life as well.

    One such design that embodies the character of a working woman as well as a multi-tasking homemaker is this beautiful piece from the  Nipuna collection. This piece defines everyday fashion. The freshwater pearls and this beautiful pattern of arrangement will make for a unique gift this season of love.

    3. Jewel of the Orient CZ Silver Bracelets

    Make the woman of your life feel special with this bracelet that is decked with glamorous high-grade cubic zircons. An ode to the beauty of the Orient, this design narrates the story of the timeless love for bracelets.

    This bracelet allows the modern woman to style it with watches or bangles striking a perfect balance between classic and contemporary.

     4. Millenia CZ Silver Ring

    A  woman’s love for finger rings is unconditional. Nothing has given a girl more joy than donning fanciful finger rings and showing them off. Paksha’s artisanally crafted finger rings can make any woman feel elated.

    This particular design is an all-time favourite from the Paksha atelier. The piece is decked with beautiful cubic zircons and is made from 925 silver with a rhodium plating. It is perfect for an evening outdoors especially because of its cocktail design.

    5. Shriya Kempu Silver Sleek Choker

    A western design that has been beautifully Indianized by our designers is that of a  silver choker. This traditional design is both elegant and royal. Kemp art of jewelry design gives life to this beautiful design with kempu stones laid out on intricate floral motifs. This piece is sure to be your loved one’s favourite just like ours. This beautiful piece is made with 925 silver plated with gold to add to the charm and elegance of this traditional piece of jewelry.

    All of these designs and pieces speak nothing but the language of love. Each piece is crafted with precision and skilled craftsmanship that would look beautiful on anyone who wore them. Create memories and inspire moments of happiness with your loved ones as you celebrate love!