Shruthi Haasan’s Top Picks from the House of Paksha

February 15, 2022 3 min read

Shruthi Haasan’s Top Picks from the House of Paksha

The House of Paksha releases much sought after designs every season, and this recent release has stolen the hearts of everyone including the radiant Shruthi Haasan. Each design in this collection are exclusively designed and delicately crafted to add character to your style statement.

The journey of Paksha began with its keen intent to introduce high-quality premium 925 silver jewelry to the market and has ended up inspiring moments of happiness and celebrations in women across the globe.

Here are Shruthi Haasan’s top picks from the exclusive line of jewelry at Paksha that sent her On the Wild Trail.

1. The Kuhu Contemporary Hasli Necklace

This piece needs no introduction. The design depicts a contemporary take on flora and fauna with handcrafted Nakshi coin and the exemplary use of kempu stones. The riot of colours creates a perfect symphony that redefines traditionalism. The Kempu stones that are artisanaly crafted onto the piece enhance the overall experience of wearing it. Even when worn alongside the simplest of outfits, the craftsmanship of this piece are sure to make your ensemble stand out.

2. The Discs Drop Earrings

Inspired by the eternal charm of Art Deco, these bold geometric patterns and strong colors are all set to make these discs  drop earrings your favourite everyday accessory. It’s simplicity is its virtue. The abstract designs are interpreted by the master craftsman and crafted with nothing but utmost precision. Shruthi Hassan’s favourite pick, it renders itself ideal to be worn during the day or for soirees.

3. Amaira Pearl Silver Necklace

This delicate design is truly a beauty from the seas. The exquisite use of freshwater pearls and 3D triangle motifs only add to the charm of this piece. The body is plated with matte gold, underneath which is premium, high-quality 925 silver to add a touch of glamour into your outfit. Shrithi recommends this as a great choice for gifing – to yourself or your loved ones.

4. Delicate Pearl Silver Strand

Nothing says delicate beauty like a silver strand decked with freshwater pearls. This exclusive piece amplifies the simplicity and elegance of pearls and silver strand. While pearl adds to the timeless appeal of this piece, the silver strand elegantly ties this piece together. They can be effortlessly layered with other necklaces for an evening with your dear ones.  

5. Double Pearl Baroque Silver Earrings

To top it all off, we have the double pearl  silver earrings with a matte gold finish. This exquisite piece of jewelry is irregularly shaped to portray the presence of perfection in irregularities. The double pearls are beautifully arranged and presented for a classic look. The freshwater pearls and sterling silver are crafted with a touch of lightness for all small and big moments of your life.

Each one of these pieces are from Paksha’s Vihara and Nipuna collection. Each piece is designed and crafted to appeal to every woman’s innate desire to look beautiful, every day. The Nipuna collection features the delicate use of pearls to bring out fine everyday jewelry that will accompany a woman. The Vihara collection celebrates all things beautiful, elegant gemstones, intricate kempu work and you. Both these collections display exceptional workmanship and create memories with meticulously crafted fine jewelry. Which is why, they are the stunning fashionista – Shruthi Hassans top picks! Start shopping for these exquisite pieces on

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