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  • Future Forecasts: Emerging Silver Jewellery Trends to Watch Out For

    August 28, 2023 3 min read

    Future Forecasts: Emerging Silver Jewellery Trends to Watch Out For

    In the ever-evolving realm of fashion, silver jewellery becomes a timeless medium to reflect individual style. As we set our sights on the future, we take you on an enthralling journey through the imminent trends that promise to redefine the world of adornment. As a metal that is constantly on trend forecasts due to its colour and ability to be styled with anything, silver jewellery is the best investment you can make. 

    Since Paksha specialises in 925 silver jewelry, let’s look at a few more gemstone and jewellery trends that are sure to skyrocket in the future: 

    Statement Earrings 

    Statement earrings are a trend that will never die down. An earring style that explodes with confidence, statement earrings are the best option to make you stand out, like the  Modern Moissanite Silver Drop Earrings!

    Feel free to play around with these earrings and any kind of ethnic, Western wear and hairstyles with these earrings. The balance between the glow of the moissanite stones, the emerald, and the Victorian polish on the silver makes for an incredibly versatile combination, that you’ll love!  

    Emerald Jewellery 

    While getting dressed for a formal event, you decide to borrow a few of your mom’s ornaments, so you peek into her jewellery drawer. It’s like opening a time capsule! Inside, you find beautiful vintage emerald earrings that your mother wore in her youth, along with so many pieces handed down to her from family. The love and comfort of holding onto these intricate pieces makes them more special than anything else, which is why Paksha Jewellers introduces designs and adornments that are your stories fashioned in silver. 

    Here are some of our bestselling heirloom pieces that we’re sure you’ll want to hold on to for years to come: 

    1. Modern Moissanite Silver Necklace Set

    Modern Moissanite Silver Necklace Set

    Not only are the emeralds a growing trend, the emerald-cut is also coming back into vogue. 

          2. Rasika Moissanite Silver Waist Band


    Rasika Moissanite Silver Waist Band

    A pleasant mixture of the beautiful semi-precious emerald and cubic zirconia, this waistband is set to make you sparkle at every special occasion! 

          3. Scarlett CZ Silver Necklace Set

    Scarlett CZ Silver Necklace Set

    This lovely set has the most gorgeous handcrafting of semi-precious emeralds and cubic zirconia, set to imitate the emerald cut of gems. 
    Go on, adorn yourself with serene beauty from our beautiful emerald jewellery, and stay on trend! 

    Why Trends Matter?

    In a world where self-expression is paramount, these emerging silver jewellery trends offer more than just ornamentation. They allow you to express facets of your identity, culture, and emotions. Paksha Jewellers infuses each creation with the essence of artistry and craftsmanship, making them more than accessories; they reflect your journey and aspirations. 

    Silver jewellery in modern times is the best way to express you interest in expanding your knowledge about and with silver jewellery. 

    Layered Necklaces  

    Move over, stacked bracelets and rings, a new trend is in town! Layered necklaces are by far the best jewellery trend so far, because of how easy they are to style and wear. With non-layered necklaces, you generally find yourself looking for that one minimalistic necklace to pair with the pendant, but layered necklaces do it all for you. 

    Here are a few layered necklace options from Paksha that would be the best addition to your jewellery closet: 

    1. Citrine Scorpio Zodiac Layered Gold Plated Silver Necklace

    Citrine Scorpio Zodiac Layered Gold Plated Silver Necklace

    This simple but majestic necklace is not just compatible with your zodiac sign, but also with anything you want to wear it with! Fitted with beautifully shaped Citrine and sterling silver, this layered pendant necklace will fit your layering needs perfectly. 

    1. Double Layer CZ Charm Dainty Silver Necklace

    Double Layer CZ Charm Dainty Silver Necklace

    This simple and dainty necklace is the perfect way to jazz up your favourite outfits. Since layered necklaces can be styled with anything, look to add this to an outfit that is darker in colour so that you bring out its sparkle. 


    As you embark on the journey to embrace the forthcoming trends in silver jewellery, remember that Paksha aims to craft experiences with you. These trends are pathways to self-discovery, heritage, and a future where elegance and individuality intertwine. Trust Paksha's legacy of crafting silver jewellery that doesn't just adorn you, but becomes a part of your life’s journey, resonating with your emotions and aspirations. Dive into the evolving world of silver with us and adorn tomorrow. Follow Paksha blogs for more content like this one!