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  • Global Inspiration: Cultural Influences on Indian Silver Jewellery

    August 31, 2023 4 min read

    Global Inspiration: Cultural Influences on Indian Silver Jewellery

    Along the intricate corridor of cultural fusion, jewellery stands as a shimmering emblem of cross-continental beauty. Every piece adorns not just the body, but also the spirit of the wearer. Silver jewellery has different meanings in different cultures, and each significance gets altered when it merges with a different culture. 

    Indian silver jewellery, a canvas of artistry and elegance, has been shaped by several global influences. This blog will take you through several cultural influences on Indian jewellery, and how they have shaped modern Indian jewellery.  

    As we embark on this journey through time, let's explore how these cultural threads intertwine to create the breathtaking mosaic that is Paksha Jewellers' collection. 

    A Whisper of Victorian Grace – 19th Century Poise 

    Victorian influence, as timeless as the jewellery it inspired, graces Indian silver earrings with a sense of nostalgia. We recall a time when filigree patterns and intricate lacework reigned supreme. The tinkle of a silver chime transports us to Victorian soirées, where every woman held a story within her earlobes. With theFloral Drop Moissanite Silver Earrings , let the emeralds captivate with their demure beauty, while the glow of the moissanite offsets it perfectly. 

    If drop earrings are so not you, we know just what is! If you’re totally into Victorian jewellery, and love stud earrings, try theFloral Brilliance Silver Stud Earrings, a pair of opulent studs made of moissanite and cast into silver. The Victorian polish adds to their beauty, making the earrings look dainty. 

    These pieces narrate a delicate tale of whispered opulence from cascading silver metal with drops of moissanite meticulously curated filigree, these pieces narrate a delicate tale of whispered opulence. 

    Baroque Opulence – 17th Century Luxury 

    The Baroque era, an epoch of grandeur and theatricality, casts its opulent light on silver jewellery in the form of necklaces. Based on 17th century French architecture, this palatial jewellery style flourished on Indian soil, as is our own love for art and architecture. Like the court musicians of yore, each piece plays a symphony of intricate curves and bold contrasts.  

    Let’s peek at a few of our favourites: 

    1. Baroque Moissanite Silver Grand Necklace

    Baroque Moissanite Silver Grand Necklace

    Inspired by the most famous baroque patterns, this collection is crafted in 3D carvings of flora and fauna. The combination of Moissanites and unique gold plating enhances its sparkle. This beautiful design sits perfectly along the collarbone, perfect to wear with an off-the-shoulder top or dress. 

    1. Baroque Moissanite Silver Drop Earrings

    Baroque Moissanite Silver Drop Earrings

    Drop earrings are the most beautiful types of earrings to be influenced by this European tradition of jewellery making. These earrings feature delicate drops of moissanite, one as the earring, and another as the single jewel on the earring. The delicate flora pattern on the drop earring stands the test of times, just as Baroque architecture does. 

    1. Baroque Floral Moissanite Silver Bangle

    Baroque Floral Moissanite Silver Bangle

    This perfect bangle can be worn alone or with several other bangles. Try pairing this bangle with your favourite attire, and let it become your favourite! 

    Picture an Indian courtyard, resplendent in moonlit splendour, where a silver baroque bangle gleams on a graceful wrist. Paksha Jewellers artfully revives this extravagance, bringing forth jewellery that mirrors the Baroque spirit. Swirls and flourishes echo the embellishments of that era, embracing the wearer in a harmonious blend of audacity and allure. 

    Embracing Enamel Chic 

    Brought to India in the 17th century by the Persians, India's jewellery landscape saw a breathtaking transformation once it became mainstream. Enamel jewellery isn’t just limited to additions of silver. Rajasthan’s famous lac bangles are made of coloured enamel in one of 9 colours -white, golden, pink, blue parrot green, red, bottle green, turquoise, orange, and black. Most famous among them are the red and white ones, worn mainly by newlywed women. Enamel jewellery is not a staple at most weddings, usually seen styled with gold or silver jewellery. At a wedding, you look for your favourite chaandbali earrings, a lady's neck adorned with silver that catches the glint of city light, enamel jewellery lives to remain a part of our daily lives. 

    A few of our favourite pieces of jewellery are:

    1. Chandni Enamel Silver Earrings

    Blending the styles of chaandbali earrings, Jadau, and enamel, theChandni Enamel Silver Earrings are the epitome of casual glamour. Enamel jewellery holds an elaborate history in Eastern Europe and other parts of the world.

    1. Ayla Gold Plated Silver Stud Earrings

    TheAyla Gold Plated Silver Stud Earrings  are simple, delicate but modern. With the addition of navy  blue enamel to contrast the brilliant white of the moissanite stones, the earrings hug your ears, sitting perfectly on the ear lobe. Style these with your favourite Western wear as statement earrings, or wear them with your ethnic attire for a pop of colour! 

    1. Maugdha Enamel Jadau Silver Pendant Necklace

    Maugdha Enamel Jadau Silver Pendant Necklace

    Enamel necklaces are perhaps one of the most beautiful types of jewellery available to us today. This enamel Jadau necklace is an amalgamation of the Jadau jewellery and enamelling, a perfect balance of both. This unique necklace will sit perfectly on the collarbone, just the way it should! 

    At the heart of it all, there's a reason why these influences continue to captivate us. The nostalgia of Victorian grace, the opulence of Baroque excess, the chic of Enamel - each era evokes emotions that transcend time. Through the meticulous craftsmanship of Paksha Jewellers, these emotions find tangible expression, breathing life into each silver masterpiece.  

    Within these silver pieces, you'll find not just ornamentation, but an exquisite connection to the world's artistic heritage. With each wear, you add your chapter to the timeless saga, becoming a part of a lineage that spans cultures and epochs. Join us in this voyage through history and style and let the allure of global influences adorn your life. 

    Follow our blog for more enchanting insights into the world of jewellery, where history, beauty, and emotion converge. Embrace the past, celebrate the present, and embrace the future with Paksha Jewellers - where artistry knows no bounds, and elegance finds its eternal muse.