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  • Charm Any Special Occasion with These 5 Stylish Choker Necklaces

    May 18, 2022 3 min read

    Charm Any Special Occasion with These 5 Stylish Choker Necklaces
    Chokers have been around for many thousands of years now but they weren’t as popular as they are now until the past couple of decades. From adorning the necks of the royal pharaohs to now being a fashion statement, we have come a long way in the way we have designed chokers and accepted them as an integral part of our jewelry collections. In India, today chokers are the most sought-after jewelry, especially for weddings and other special occasions.

    Here are 5 stylish choker necklaces that could charm any special occasion with their grandeur and artisanal brilliance.

    1. Tushita Pearl Silver Choker

    This dainty yet alluring piece of jewelry is handcrafted with a love for the art of jewelry making. The floral motif in the center along with two lotus motifs on either side deftly holds three rows of pearls with green beads in a sequence. The pearls, the green and the red kemp stones come together harmoniously to give rise to this captivating piece of necklace. Pearls and special occasions often go hand in hand. This design can be a part of a wedding jewelry collection, worn especially for ceremonies before and after the wedding.

    2. Vihara Dreamy Jadau Silver Choker

    Perfect for occasions like the Mehandi, sangeet or even the main ceremony, this beautiful Jadau choker with embedded green, white and pink stones on a floral design is crafted for the wedding season. The clusters of pearls and beautiful pastel green beads only add to the vibrance of this exquisite choker necklace.

    The piece is crafted masterfully using 925 silver jewellery with a gold plating and embellished with fine Jadau stones.

    3. Udyana Silver Necklace Gold plated

    A festive choker embellished with an exquisite choice of kempu stones embedded in the design makes this piece, a wedding trousseau essential. The bright red kempu stones on the floral design, two rows of elegantly crafted motifs and the jade and pastel green beads hanging off of each row, luxuriously fall on the collarbone giving your wedding outfit the right kind of festive charm. The use of pearls at the top of the choker, in clusters and as an outline to the motifs, elevates the look and feel of this choker with its charm.

    4. Mridula Jadau Silver Choker

    When the stones in teal, red, green and white colours come together in harmony, an understated piece of choker necklace comes to life. When examined closely, the design is rich with intricacies and embellishments that may go unnoticed otherwise. The experiment with this particular colour combination is new and distinct. We also see deep green beads finishing this piece with their rich colour. However, what brings out the colour of those green beads is the cluster of pearls at both of their ends. The colour of the pearls helps capture the brilliance of the dark green colour.

    5. Nargis Jadau Silver Bridal Choker Necklace

    A visually pleasing, aesthetic piece of necklace is this exuberant Nargis Jadau Silver Bridal Choker Necklace. The symmetrical arrangement of the stones, the vibrance of the semi-precious kempu stones and the grand floral motif at the heart of this design add to its charm and exuberance. The green beads alternate with the large pearls that also emerge from clusters of smaller white pearls truly completing the piece.

    These fine silver choker necklaces are designed for special occasions to help you create beautiful memories with excellent craftsmanship. These chokers are just the tip of the iceberg. House of Paksha is the humble abode for many such exhilarating designs crafted for special occasions.