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  • 5 Silver Long Necklace Designs You Should Check out This Wedding Season in 2022

    March 21, 2022 3 min read

    5 Silver Long Necklace Designs You Should Check out This Wedding Season in 2022
    Long necklaces are majestic and grand. Elaborately arranged kempu stones to simple strands of silver chain decked with cubic zirconia, these stunning heirloom neckpieces are all crafted to steal the show. We have seen a fair share of these intricate neckwear, but when it comes to the wedding season there never really is enough. Make sure you’ve seen it all - the bride’s grand silver necklace, the bridesmaids and their delicate silver chains and the mother’s heirlooms silver jewelry. Close friends and family leave no stone unturned to procure the best of the long necklaces for the festivities and this year, this evergreen trend continues to rule the roost in fashion.  

    Here are 5 long silver necklaces that you should totally check out for this wedding season -  

    1. Vihara Jadau Multilayered Silver Necklace  

    This piece is a powerhouse. The layers, the motifs and the cluster of pearls all point towards the artistic brilliance of the craftsmen. The necklace features charms that are embedded with stones, each of them placed on the layers of the chain. The clusters of pearls hang effortlessly from the peacock motif. The piece is made from pure 925 silver with a vibrant gold plating. Do not miss out on this gorgeous guttapusalu necklace, this wedding season.  

    2. Vajrama Grand Layered Silver Long Necklace  

    This statement neckpiece radiates vibrance and grandeur handcrafted for a special day. The design features encrusted cubic zircons and green gemstones. It has three layers and each layer has a stunning pendant. The first layer has floral motifs and gemstones, the second layer has a central piece that highlights the floral motif and the final layer is intricately designed and arranged to tie up the entire design with a finely crafted central pendant. The green gemstones can make your eyes shine and sparkle. This exquisite piece is made from pure 925 silver plated with gold 

    3. Nakshi Moissanite Silver Temple Necklace  

    The Nakshi technique of jewlery design is an integral part of temple designs that originated from the southern part of India. The technique is inspired by the carvings on the pillars, doors and walls of the temples.  

    This piece features the nakshi technique and modern elements creating a timeless classic look. Handcrafted moissanite stones and green gemstones blend in complete harmony. The temple elements are majestic and further beautify the entire ensemble. Designed with an opulent finish, this piece is a must-have this wedding season.

    4. Surabhi Antique Nakshi Silver Necklace  

    This piece features the divine Goddess Lakshmi carved with the nakshi technique. This piece displays the goddess and the garland of blossoms in the most unique way possible. The garland is three streams of green kemp stones on either side of the central figure.

    Blessing the bride and our eyes, this piece is essential for a South Indian bride.

    5. Dvidala Classic Moissanite Silver Layered Necklace  

    The word ‘Dvi’means two and ‘dala’ means layers indicating a two-layered long silver necklace. This piece displays classic moissanite stones held together by a gold plated silver necklace. This fine piece of jewelery can be paired with other complementing jewelry like a short necklace or chokers. This is a simple yet radiant piece of jewelry.

    The wedding season is a season of celebration. With these pieces, your celebrations just got grander. Each design from our collection is crafted with precision to brighten your smile on your special day.