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  • Celebrity trend alert : Silver Jadau Jhumkis

    July 28, 2023 3 min read

    Celebrity trend alert : Silver Jadau Jhumkis

    Jhumkis are a recurrent style of earring that go with any style of attire and every occasion. Jhumkas or jhumkis find their origins in the south of India, popularised by the Chola Dynasty, later modified in the medieval era by the Mughals to combine the karnaphool with the signature bell design.  

    Born of the Rajasthani courts, Jadau jewellery is well-known for its sophisticated designs and intricate  karigari. The word Jadau comes from the term  jad, meaning ‘to embed’, a method by which the gemstones are embedded into the metal and then enamelled. 

    Jadau jhumkis are now one of the most trendy options to wear with your ethnic favourites!  

    The enigmatic  Shukti Jadau Silver Jhumki Earrings  are one of the most popular earrings by Paksha in this style. 

    Jhumki earrings go well with most styles of ethnicwear, but if you’re confused about what will look best, here’s a short guide to style yourself like these celebrities: 

    Shop the look – style yourself like these celebrities: 

    Ananya Panday

    Style is key when it comes to wearing any type of  jewellery, and  Ananya Panday is no stranger  to dressing well. Paired with a beautifully embroidered blouse and cream lehenga, she sparkles with the gleam of the gold-plated and intricately designed  jewellery. These earrings, with their  moissanite gleam and  polki stones, provide a soft glow that will offset the  colour of the  attire you choose to wear. 

    This sort of lightweight, simple  jewellery is perfect for an understated, simple bridesmaid look.

    Kiara  Advani 

    Kiara  Advani chose to pair these beautiful earrings with a cream saree to offset the bright colours of the earrings. Choose to pair these earrings with a medium-weight ethnic outfit, and watch the heads turn as you glow with it! 

    Alternatively, you can pair these earrings with a cream or lighter pastel green coloured saree to match the colour of the green polki stones at the end of the earring. 

    Divya Agarwal 

    If you are looking for something to complement your  sangeet outfit, the  Shukti earrings are thebest fit to add to your collection. These earrings manage to be versatile and  will go with heavier outfits as well, as demonstrated by  Divya Agarwal here.

    Pairing your silver Jadau earrings  

    At Paksha, we know that the vast array of jewellery is not limited to silver jhumkis, but can go beyond that as well. Following in the gemstones of the celebrities, why not try these combinations: 

    Necklaces : 

    Jadau is a style of jewellery that pairs wonderfully with itself, and even when not, makes for wonderful, bold, statement jewellery. When looking to pair it with necklces, why not try the Mahisi Jadau Silver Necklace as worn by Kiara Advani. You can choose to go with the styling of her black saree with this ensemble, or stick to lighter colours when it comes to this earring or pairing it with this type of jewellery. 

    Rings : 

    If you’re looking for a minimal option to add to your earrings, then try the  Arka Moissanite  Silver Ring as styled by  Ananya  Panday.As is with  Ananya’s choice of  lehenga as well, a simpler  jewellery styles, like the silver  jadau jhumkis and a ring will suit an embroidered blouse and saree combo. 

    Bangles and bracelets : 

    No other type of jewellery completes an outfit like bangles and bracelets. Bangles and brcelets are a traditionally integral part of Indian jewellery ensembles, hence they pair well with earrings, too. The  Mohini Polki Silver Bangle is a great choice to pair with the silver jadau jhumkis as they match them in colour, gemstones and style.  


    Silver jadau jewellery is a versatile style, and looks best paired with anything.Wear your Shukti Jadau Silver Jhumki Earringswith your everyday ethnic wear or   with other Paksha silver jewellery.