Add these 5 Traditional Silver Accessories to your Wedding Ensemble

September 03, 2022 2 min read


Fine silver jewelry handcrafted  to perfection by skilled artisans makes its way into bridal trousseau because no wedding, special occasion or celebration is complete without pure silver making an appearance. The masterfully crafted pieces of jewelry embody finest semi-precious stones encrusted in iconic design styles. Watch these fine accessories transform your wedding outfits in no time with their vibrance, charm and versatility.

Here are 5 traditional silver accessories that you can pair with your wedding favourites and look stunning as ever.

1. Vajrama Grand Layered Silver Long Necklace

Vajra translates to diamond, and Vajrama embodies the spirit and radiance of a diamond necklace. This grand, layered necklace features floral nuances, stately green gemstones, and bright, shining cubic zirconia. Grace your wedding ensemble with this statement necklace by the artisans at Paksha and create memories with it.


2. Tejal Moissanite CZ Silver Choker

Tejal is a grand choker that presents an interplay of green and white coloured stones and beads that perfectly complement each other. The floral motifs are all decked with beautiful moissanite and radiant CZ stones that shine brigther than ever. The green beads that hang from the necklace accentuates the design with its vibrant contrast. The piece is finished with clusters of tiny pearls and big pearls that line the edges of the design.


3. Kalika Kempu Jadau Silver Jhumkis

Three equally attractive, finely crafted jhumkis are put together in this remarkable piece. The three jhumkas hang from the motif of a majestic bud that is waiting to bloom. The motif is studded with kempu jadau stones of red, white and green colour. The base of each of the jhumkis are embellished with clusters of pearls and one singular pearl. There is nothing that can go wrong if you decide to pair this accessory with one of your traditional favourites for your wedding.


4. Mayur Kempu Jadau Silver Maang Tikka

Peacock motifs along with intricate floral motifs are iconic in their depiction of traditional, royal gardens. This maang tikka is crafted with pure 925 silver and embellished with clusters of pearls on either sides of the design. Along with brightening your forehead, this particular maang tikka is handcrafted to adorn the parting of your hair as well. Make a statement with this exquisitely crafted maang tikka by pairing it with your bridal lehenga or saree on your big day.


5. Tushti Silver Jadau Guttapusalu Necklace

Guttapusalu is a traditional design style that finds its roots in the Southern part of India. The word guttapusalu literally translates to ‘a bank of beads’. Guttapusalu necklaces are heirloom necklaces that are an integral part of almost every Indian bride. This guttapusalu necklace also features the iconic nakshi elements with Nakshi charms of Goddess Lakshmi. This long necklace can be paired with other short or choker necklaces for your wedding. The piece is finished with clusters of pearls adding to the charm and grace of the piece.


The pieces at Paksha are crafted to perfection, but they are also crafted to help you make memories with them. The stones, the motifs, patterns and designs all come together to present the audience with a well crafted series of accessories that you will regret not owning.

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