Fall in Love With These Precious 925 Silver Jewelry Pieces Online

June 28, 2022 2 min read

Everything about precious silver jewelry draws you closer to it. Its natural grace, vibrance and versatility are rare and enchanting. The handcrafted silver 925 ornaments designed at Paksha by the most skilled creative workforce only make you fall deeper in love with each of their pieces. Here is a look at some of the most exclusive pieces of silver 925 jewelry online, on Paksha’s website.

1. Rasika Dazzling Silver CZ Earrings

When the ravishingly beautiful CZ stones and green semi-precious stones come together in this chandelier earring, the earring is set to define your look with its iconic radiance and sparkle. This design features an array of CZ stones of different shapes arranged in the most interesting manner. The highlight, however, has to be the green stone that makes it so hard for us to look away from it.

2. Padhma Signature Silver earrings

Padhma is a meticulously crafted silver 925 earring that cascades beautifully to present crescents and floral motifs. The design crescendos with three jhumkas that are embellished with a pastel green coloured bead that hangs from each of these bell-shaped jhumkas. The design journeys through the course of the design to present us with an exceptionally elegant masterpiece. The design captivates your attention right from when you set eyes on the smallest crescent until you take in the beauty of the pastel-coloured beads that add the most satisfying finishing touches to the piece.

3. Matsya Statement Silver Ring

Matsya or the fish, a motif believed to symbolize good luck is presented with a hint of contemporary elements. Central to the design is the Matsya motif and surrounding it is a visual treat featuring green and red coloured kempu stones in the shape of tiny buds. The design is crafted with precision to elevate your traditional and semi-traditional outfits.

4. Pankhuri Silver Jadau Necklace

Pankhuri is a regal piece designed specifically for special occasions such as weddings, festivals or during a traditional Pooja or worship. The design features green enamel crescents interestingly arranged to look as if they were cascading and leading to the elaborate crescent with a floral motif decked with scintillating Polki stones. The accents of deep green colour elevate the look to another level altogether. The design is finished with a cluster of pearls outlining each of these crescents and green beads.

5. Aashna Grand CZ Kamar bandh

Kamar bandh is an ornate belt designed to accentuate your waist. Aashna is an intricately crafted Kamar bandh encrusted with CZ stones set to sparkle the brightest. The presence of the deep green-coloured semi-precious stones brings out the colour of the set in the most enchanting manner. The Kamar bandh is finished with an exquisite line of freshwater pearls placed along with bell-shaped hangings in a sequence.

There is much more to where all this came from. Paksha’s online catalogue boasts a variety of contemporary, traditional designs that are an absolute delight to look at. If you ever find yourself looking for the perfect balance of bling, traditional elements and trendy jewelry you’ll find yourself ending that search at Paksha.

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