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  • 6 Most Popular Maang Tikka Designs for This Wedding Season

    April 26, 2022 3 min read

    6 Most Popular Maang Tikka Designs for This Wedding Season
    Maang tikkas, originally adorned by the royals are instrumental in defining the current mood of fashion enthusiasts and the fashion space. Exclusive to the women in the royal family, the history of maang tikkas hasn’t exactly been inclusive but more recently they have evolved into pieces of jewellery that are designed to suit any woman. The maang tikkas in the fashion space have evolved and transformed into an integral part of an Indian ethnic ensemble.

    Here are the 7 most popular maang tikka designs made with pure 925 silver that you can include in your ensemble whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, a friend, or simply an acquaintance.  

    1. Kijani Jadau Silver Maang tikka

    The Kijani Jadau silver maang tikkais designed to highlight elements of nature like lotus, the moon, and flowers. These elements in the form of motifs are crafted by expert artisans to feature in this lovely design. The piece also features pearls outlining motifs as well as clusters of pearls that have pastel green stones hanging off of them. That part of this hair accessory that sits elegantly on your forehead resembles a resplendent crescent moon. The motifs are encrusted with semi-precious Polki stones.

    This jadau silver maang tikka can be paired with other jadau ornaments like earrings and necklaces to pull off an attractive look during any special occasion.

    2. Mayur Kempu Jadau Silver Maang tikka

    This traditional design features the iconic peacock motif embedded with fine red and green Kempu stones. It also features pearl beading that accompanies a unique motif that is designed to adorn the parting of your hair. The piece is finished with opulent pastel green beads hanging off of clusters of fine pearls.

    3. Neeyati Silver Maang tikka

    The Neeyati silver maang tikka is an opulent blend of colours white and green. The moissanite stones and pearls in white and the green beads make this silver maang tikka an absolute essential this wedding season. The part of the maang tikka that sits perfectly on the parting of your hair features pearl beadings and motifs that truly enhance the overall effect this silver maang tikka has on your outfit.

    4. Malaya Gold plated Silver Maang Tikka

    This classic beauty is elevated by the extensive use of pearl clusters in its design. The design is dominated by floral motifs all embedded with bright coloured moissanite stones. The piece is crafted in silver and plated with gold for a gracefully elegant finish.

    5. Vihara Chaandbali Silver Maangtikka

    This subtly elegant beauty is inspired by the crescent-shaped moon. The shape of a crescent is highlighted by the use of Jadau set Polki stones that turn this design into a visual treat in all its simplicity. The string that runs across the parting of the hair features pearls and moissanite stones arranged in a simple and elegant manner. All the elements in this silver maang tikkadesign are simply graceful.

     6. Nala Jadau Silver Maang tikka

    The tiny pearls strung together hold this fine design in place while the central floral motif shines brighter than ever. The pearls, the semi-precious stones and the contrasting green beading come together to highlight the lotus motif as it sits ever so gracefully on your forehead. The piece is finished with clusters of pearls hanging pastel green beads to elevate your perfect wedding look.

    A wedding outfit isn’t complete without maang tikkas making an appearance. Silver maang tikkas are designed to complete your ethnic outfit with their charm and allure. They’re everything you need to pull off the right look, this wedding season.