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  • 5 Must-Have Drop Earrings for Everyday Fashion

    May 02, 2022 3 min read

    5 Must-Have Drop Earrings for Everyday Fashion
    Finding the perfect pair of earrings that elevate the look and aesthetics of your complete outfit can be tricky. Drop earrings are the end of your tireless search for the perfect, most delicate pair of earrings. They adorn your earlobe while slightly hanging off from it, creating a perfect visual of this dangling beauty that you need to get your hands on. Styling your outfits with stunning silver drop earrings can be exciting and definitely something to look forward to.

    Here is a list of the 5 most gorgeous pairs of drop earrings that are too beautiful to miss out on.

    1. Enya Tribal Silver Drop Earrings

    The jewellery pieces inspired by tribal art and heritage are made with polished oxidized silver with a rustic and vintage finish. The Enya Tribal Silver Earring is no exception. The design finds its roots in the rich tribal cultures of India and displays tribal elements like spears. The metal ball clusters are placed on diamond spears that add to the playfulness of the piece. You can style this silver drop earring with a wide range of casual and ethnic outfits like jeans, salwar, cotton, organza sarees and even long skirts. This unique tribal design can be your companion any day of the week.

    2. June Pearl Drop Earrings

    Definition of everyday luxury, this uniquely designed pair of earrings adds a fun element to your outfit with their abstract patterns. The use of pearls creates a classic, timeless look when put together with casual or formal outfits. The piece is finished with a matte gold polish which elevates the charm and grace of the piece. You’ll find yourself in complete awe of the abstract patterns, pearls and beauty of this drop earring. 

    3. Floral CZ Pearl Drop Silver Earrings

    The floral design, the pearls and the absolutely enticing craftsmanship make you fall in love with the drop earring at the very first glance. The entire piece is put together with brilliant craftsmanship. The uniquely designed floral motifs are highlighted by the generous use of cubic zircons. The piece is completed with a pearl that hangs from the floral frame giving it a graceful finish. You can style this drop earring with Indian casuals for an elevated look.

    4. Alia Pearl Oval Drop Silver Earrings

    Alia Pearl Silver Earrings are an absolute stunner. The piece is so elegant that you see yourself coming back to it every time you put on an outfit. They are so versatile that they go with practically any outfit in your cupboard. The abstract design with rounded edges is something new and seldom experimented with. The pearls are a perfect addition to the piece designed to give it an opulent finish. The piece is finished with a matte gold plating on pure 925 silver.

    5. Rupa Loka Drop Earrings

    The versatility and brilliance of oxidized silver jewellery pieces are unparalleled. The tribal designs only add to the versatility and rustic charm of these silver drop earrings. The Rupa Loka drop earrings are an elegant display of intricate tribal designs crafted in oxidized silver. These earrings are a perfect choice if you are looking to pull off a boho-chic look at the office, a brunch, a party or a date. Style them with casuals, partywear or ethics and you’ll look stunning in every outfit.

    If you’re worried about being under-accessorized with studs or over-accessorized with elaborate earrings then drop earrings are the perfect way to go. They’re just the right size and they can be styled with any outfit almost effortlessly.