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  • 6 Maang Tikkas for that Fab Bridesmaid Look

    March 26, 2022 3 min read

    6 Maang Tikkas for that Fab Bridesmaid Look
    Who doesnโ€™t love dressing up? Dressing up before an event is an event in itself. Weddings are predominantly fun, loud and involve dressing up, a lot. Every event during the wedding is a riot of colours, patterns, outfits, and jewelry. The bride, the bridesmaids and the bridal party meticulously plan their outfits for each of these events. Recently,ย Maang tikkas are making it to the top of the list as that singular piece of accessory that can elevate any attire. And if youโ€™re a bridesmaid then Maang tikkas are a subtle way to glam up without stealing the show. Instant outfit and mood enhancers, they leave you feeling beautiful.

    Here are 6 Maang tikka designs that are perfect for a bridesmaid this wedding season.

    1. Vihara Chaandbali Silver Maang Tika

    This moon-shaped maang tikka is simple and delicately handcrafted with Jadau set Polki stones. This gold platedย silver hair accessory can be paired well with other Jadau jewelry.

    This maang tikka represents a classic, timeless design inspired by the bright shining moon.ย 

    2. Nala Jadau Silver Maang Tika

    This exquisitely crafted silver maang tikka is centred around a vibrant lotus motif. The lotus motif is encrusted with semi-precious Kempu stones. The piece also sports the famous โ€˜chaandโ€™ design. The string that holds the maang tikka in place is decked with evenly spaced pearls. The piece is finished with fine quartz that hangs from a cluster of pearls that are present at the bottom of the design of a moon making it a breathtaking beauty.

    3. Kalina Gold plated Silver Maang Tika

    This piece is an iconic heirloom design, crafted with subtle white pearls and Jadau set stones. The burst of green quartz is designed to go perfectly well with lehengas, sarees or Ghaghras. The string that holds the maang tikka in place is decked with embedded fine polki stones designed to deck the parting of your hair as well as your forehead.ย 

    4. Kijani Jadau Silver Maang Tika

    Kinjani Silver maang tikka is dominated by exotic floral designs. This gold plated silver piece features clusters of pearls, Jadau set stones and green beads that are crafted to celebrate the occasion and you. This stunning piece of jewelry can be paired with lehengas and ghagras.

    5. Malaya Gold plated Silver Maang Tika

    This stunning headpiece features floral motifs and the most iconic chaand motif. The cluster of pearls, Jadau set stones and gold finish makes for versatile headwear. This maang tikka decks your hair parting and accentuates the symmetry as it hangs across your forehead. Pair this Maang tikka with exquisite lehengas or ghagras that come with heavy embroidery or stone-work.

    6.ย Mehtab Kempu Jadau Silver Maangtika

    This captivating maang tikka is special because of a single, resplendent green bead that hangs from the iconic chaand design. The string that holds the maang tikka in place is crafted with intricate floral motifs that are sequentially placed throughout.ย  The rice detailing and semi-precious stones redefine the style of new age maang tikkas. This ornate accessory is a must-have if youโ€™re planning to attend a wedding where you are a bridesmaid or an important part of theย bridal party.

    Each and every piece is designed to celebrate you! Being a bridesmaid is truly an overwhelming experience. It calls for a lot of fun, smiles and even tears at times. Make these Maang tikkas a part of that journey.