Top 5 Maang Tikka Designs of 2022

March 03, 2022 3 min read

Silver Maang tikkas are the newest, most charming additions to our outfit designed to tie the entire look together. For the longest time, maang tikkas have strictly been a bridal accessory but with the evolution of the sphere of fashion, maangtikkas have been designed to deck not just the bride but everyone who desires to pull off a perfect maang tikka-look.

With the fashion space bursting with new ideas for innovative designs, we have explored a variety of maang tikka designs to suit every special occasion and we’ve picked the House of Paksha’s top 5 maang tikka designs that are going to rule the better part of 2022.

1. Vihaara Chaand Bali Maang tikka

This simple, tasteful design is set to steal a lot of hearts this year. This piece is going to be a perfect companion for all your special occasions. It’s a delicately designed maang tikka with no fuss. The central piece imitates the popular  Chaand Bali design and the pearls, as usual, exude their usual charm. The design is classic, timeless and highly inclusive.  

The semi-precious polki stones are embedded into the chaand motif. The piece can be paired with other Jadau jewelry for an occasion of any scale.

2. Vihasta Jadau Silver Maang Tikka

This special and unique piece of maang tikka is inspired by chaand. The maang tikka starts with semi-precious Polki stones arranged along the strand that falls perfectly between the parting of the hair. The tiny clusters of pearls add to the exquisite beauty of the piece. The chaand motif is the highlight of the piece and is decked with similar polki stones arranged in a different manner. The quartz beads are designed to hang off the frame of the maang tikka. The overall design of a bud emerging from the cusps of the moon motif is truly a grand visual.


3. Malaya Gold Plated silver Maang Tikka

This piece features the full moon and accentuates the charm of clustered pearls. Floral motifs and simple jadau-set Polki stones run through the parting of your hair to emphasise the importance of simplicity in jewelry design.


4. Nala Jadau Silver Maang Tikka

This fine piece of accessory highlights the sheer brilliance of pearls and the jadau style of jewelry making. The strand of silver holding the centrepiece is decked with nothing but little pearls. The moon motif brings out the lotus design displayed at the heart of the maang tikka. It is embedded with semi-precious gemstones in the famous Jadau style. The magic of pearls continues until the end of the frame where we see clusters of pearls hanging off of the central piece and quartz typing up the aesthetics of the entire piece.

The piece is made with pure 925 silver jewelry with a gold plating.  

5. Mayur Kempu Jadau Silver Maang Tikka

A grand display of kemp stones along with complex floral motifs is evidence of brilliant craftsmanship. The intricate motifs are arranged along the strand making it look vibrant. The centrepiece is a marvel with two peacocks adorning this exquisite design. The beautiful interplay of pearls and quartz sensationalizes the piece. This fine  maang tikka is a must-have for this year’s special occasions.

The world of fashion opens doors to limitless possibilities and endless designs. Maang tikkas have been experimented with continuously over the years. What we see today is the result of sincerity, dedication and sheer brilliance.

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