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  • 5 Stunning Necklace Designs That You Need to Get Your Hands On

    June 08, 2022 2 min read

    5 Stunning Necklace Designs That You Need to Get Your Hands On
    Having a stunning silver necklace that can instantly elevate your outfit and make you look and feel gorgeous can be a rarity. The skilled artists and designers at Paksha strive to create a piece that does all that and much more. The techniques and designs are crafted with utmost care and finesse to produce a necklace that sits perfectly along your neckline elevating your outfit and making you feel more beautiful than ever.

    Here are 5 stunning necklace designs that you will regret not having in your collection.

    1. Tushti Silver Jadau Guttapusalu Necklace

    ‘Gutta’ means a shoal of small fish and ‘pusalu’ means beads. The necklace resembles a shoal of small fish because of the cluster of small pearls that border the necklace. Guttapusalu is a classic heirloom that originated in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. This particular necklace is long and has clusters of pearls at its fringe. The main necklace is the home to Nakshi coins that contain the face of the goddess Lakshmi on it. The Kempu stones present along with each Nakshi coin only strengthen the traditional fervour of this brilliant piece.

    2. Padmini Pendant Kempu Silver Necklace

    This simple and elegant silver pendant necklace steals the show with it’s display of radiant kempu stones. The interplay of kempu stones and the freshwater pearls that border the chaand motif is a beauty to behold. The perfect blend of rich traditional charm and contemporary aesthetic is exactly what your wardrobe needs in an age dominated by just modern trends.

    3. Vidra Tribal Silver Layered Necklace

    Oxidized silver jewelry and corals come together to bring this beautiful, rustic piece to life. Deeply inspired by the rich tribal heritage, this piece features two layers of medallions studded with colourful semi-precious stones adding a chic touch to your outfit. The necklace that holds the medallions in place and the cluster of metal balls on each alternating medallion adds a nuanced tribal element to the whole design that takes the piece to a whole new level. This exciting new design can be styled with a variety of outfits ranging from western, and indo-western to Indian outfits such as sarees, Kurtis, and Salwars.

    4. Anjasi Polki Silver Ranihaar Necklace

    A ranihaar is a necklace that was typically worn by queens and women of the royal family.It was the epitome of royalty and elegance. This vintage necklace is reimagined with pearls, floral motifs, and red, green and white coloured Polki stones. The lines of pearls that feature the floral motifs placed in a sequence are beautiful beyond expression. The elegant pearls make way for the central square pendant that is nothing but a beautiful riot of colours tying the aesthetics of this charming necklace together.

    5. Leela Loka Silver Necklace

    The charm of the antique gold finish cannot be put into words. Vintage elements never run out of style. They are now being recreated with newer and slightly modern elements. This piece features drops of gold with red coloured kempu stones strung together to sit tightly across your neckline. The antique gold finish only makes things a hundred times better.

    There is more to this than meets the eye. Every product you browse on Paksha’s online catalogue will only lead you to find something better.