Baroque Floral Moissanite Silver Bangle

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Modern | Elegant | Chic

Inspired by the most popular baroque patterns, this collection is crafted in 3d carvings of flora and fauna. The combination of Moissanites and unique gold plating enhances its sparkle. The pieces are lightweight and perfect for both traditional and contemporary styles.

This splendid and ultra-charming silver bangle cuff is handcrafted with floral motifs set in Moissanites and golden baroque floral patterns which, in turn, is the central focus of this elegant and pristine bangle. It is artfully crafted in antique gold plated 925 Silver. The beautiful bangle is equipped with an open clasp locket

Product Information

  • Metal: 925 Silver with 1.0 microns Antique Gold Plating
  • Length: 2.6 / 6 cm
  • Stones: Semi-precious moissanite stones