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    Shop Sterling Silver Necklaces 

    Gold plated 925 silver necklaces are universally loved and remain in huge demand throughout the year. They are the most appropriate choice for people who love to wear fine jewelry without overburdening their pockets. Elegant silver necklaces in Indian designs can be worn as a standalone piece or paired with other accessories for an outstanding look. 

    Indian silver necklaces come in a wide variety of designs such as chokers, pendants, hasli, temple necklaces, floral necklaces, tribal necklaces, etc. Planning for an understated look for an occasion? Choose from chokers, pendants, hasli, or tribal necklaces. If you want to make a bold statement with your appearance, then go for layered necklaces, long necklaces with bold pendants, silver rani haars, etc. In case you are getting ready for a wedding celebration, then you won’t go amiss by adding heirloom Kundan or Polki necklace to your appearance. 

    Whatever the occasion, you will find appropriate choices in silver necklace designs that add grace to your overall appearance. Just keep in mind the neckline of the outfit while choosing the necklace. A choker will look good with off-shoulder dresses while a pendant will add to the beauty of deep or V necklines. Long necklaces can be worn solo or used to create a layered look for a memorable appearance. 

    Types of Necklaces: 

    Short Necklaces:

    Short necklaces are usually 16 inches to 20 inches in length. Indian silver short necklaces are decorated with different motifs such as temple, floral, tribal, animals, etc. They can be embellished with precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, and beads to make them more attractive. The Matsya Pearl String Floral Silver Necklace is a spellbinding combination of fish charms and floral motifs in pink and green Kempu stones with the added grace of delicate freshwater pearls in the layered strings that will make you look phenomenal in your ethnic outfit while the Myrtle Tribal Silver Short Necklace will boost your appearance in any type of outfit. 

    Choker Necklaces:

    Silver choker necklaces come in diverse designs. While some can have pearls as the predominant feature, some can have gold plated 925 silver as the mainstay. They are also embellished with moissanite, kempu, quartz beads, etc. as per the design requirement. Hasli necklaces are a part of choker necklaces with the only difference being the solid framework of Hasli necklace which restricts its movement whereas a choker necklace is made up of flexible strands. The Palash Contemporary Hasli Silver Necklace is a gracious example of Hasli necklace while the magnificent Pearl Tassle Moissanite Silver Choker Set is outstanding in its charm and beauty. 

    Pendant Necklaces:

    Silver pendant necklaces have a central eye-catching pendant suspended from a chain. Along with the usual Indian designs, pendants can also have charms attached to them to make them or medallions to give them a more contemporary look. While the Matsya Long Silver Chain Pendant is a most appropriate choice for ethnic wear, the Rasi Collection zodiac signs inspired pendants are most suitable for a minimalist contemporary look. 

    Long Necklaces:

    Ethnic long silver necklaces are worn mostly on special events, wedding celebrations, and festivals. As such, long necklaces can be made in Jadau style with Polki or Kundan stones such as the Tara Jadau Silver Long Necklace for an understated royal look or you can go with the all-time favourite antique temple long necklaces like the mesmerizing Kanhaiya Nakshi Silver Long Necklace. Long necklaces can also have rustic tribal motifs that can be paired easily with sarees or kurtis. 

    Mix and match different necklaces for an eclectic look or discover your signature style with Paksha.