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  • Types of Silver Earrings Discover The Most Popular Ones Now

    March 22, 2022 2 min read

    Types of Silver Earrings Discover The Most Popular Ones Now
    The world of fashion is vast and endless. With numerous opportunities to style fashionable accessories, the space is piled high with trendy and chic designs. Like most trends, designs from the yesteryears continue to be reimagined with contemporary fervor. 

    There are a variety of earring designs available at the moment, each design better than the other. Having to pick the most popular silver earring design can be an enjoyable, but herculean task. Paksha makes it slightly easy as we craft each and every piece with elegance and finesse. Our skilled craftsmanship and unique designs result in popular silver earrings that take the fashion scene by storm.  

    Let us take you through some best-selling silver earring designs that are rocking the fashion world today.  

    1. Jhumkas  

    The bell-shaped earrings are being reimagined in new, edgy designs and recreated to suit the demands of the evolving space. We not only see plain bell-shaped jhumkas with tiny danglers, the jhumkas are being recreated with cascading layers, kempu stones embedded in the design to elevate your traditional outfits. Oxidized silver jhumkas are also being paired with jeans and kurtis and sarees alike. We are also seeing innovative designers turning earcuffs into earcuff jhumkas and chandbaali jhumkas among many others.

    2. Classic Studs  

    Timeless studs are always going to be the most popular designs. Silver earrings studs are designed for office wear, casuals, and even traditional occasions.  They are highly versatile and can be styled with almost any outfit in your atelier. Studs crafted to be worn with traditional outfits are regal. The traditional motifs are embellished with beautiful semi-precious stones, pearls and kempu stones.  

    3. Hoop Earrings  

    We don’t talk much about hoop earrings but they are the cutest and the trendiest pieces of earrings you can get your hands on. The traditional adaptation of the hoop earrings has helped recreate jhumkas into jhumkas with a hoop. The hoop earrings are highly popular because of it’s versatility. They can be styled with casuals, formals and ethnic outfits.

    4. Chaandbalis  

    Worn predominantly during the Mughal rule by the royalty, there is a certain air this piece exudes. The design resembles a crescent moon which is what chaand translates to. Tiny clusters of pearls, quartz or semi-precious stones hang from the moon motif.  

    5. Drop Earrings  

    The studs that have tiny danglers hanging off their frames are called drop earrings. They are demure pieces of jewelry that can be styled with formals and casuals alike. Bright shiny cubic zircons, moissanites and several other semi-precious stones deck these drop earrings. The danglers are mostly pearls or clusters of pearls and sometimes they are an extension of the semi-precious stones itself.  

    They are tiny dynamites that can elevate the look of your outfits with minimal effort.

    Silver brings out the best in any design and captivates the onlookers in the best way possible. These designs are highly popular for their versatility and charm. The earrings have been popular with tiny modifications made to the original thought behind the design. Rediscover your style with some of the best designs created for you.