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  • Nostalgic Revival: Timeless Silver Jewellery Trends

    November 06, 2023 4 min read

    Nostalgic Revival: Timeless Silver Jewellery Trends

    Jewellery often brings back vivid memories. While walking past a jewellery store, a grandmother gazes longingly at the Nakshi  in one of the cases closer to the back. She points and tells her granddaughter, "You know, I had a jewellery set just like that one when I was younger. Your grandfather bought it for me.". The granddaughter's eyes light up as she asks her mother if her dad would buy her the same.

    Heirloom jewellery is often forgotten and kept behind locked doors to wait for 'the right occasion.' While those occasions may come, Paksha is here to remind you that these pieces need love and care, too, from time to time.

    In this blog, we revive those latent memories of your childhood - where you got to watch your mother dress up for Diwali wearing a necklace that has been passed down for three generations, your grandmother giving you her pearl necklace to wear for her birthday, and now you - all while creating more in the future with Paksha.

    As each piece holds within it the whispers of ancient times, let us embark on this revival, celebrating the enduring charm of Nakshi, Victorian, and Jadau collections.

    Nakshi Jewellery

    Our Nakshi collection, meticulously handcrafted, transports you to ancient times when heavy jewellery was trendy. This jewellery is made from sheets of silver and gold that are moulded into intricate designs. Nakshi jewellery is one of India's most well-loved and revived jewellery styles today. This style also featured stones like kempu and green polki, which can be seen today. 

    Did you know this jewellery was meant to be presented to and worn by the gods? It truly was! In the early Chola and Pandya eras, this type of jewellery was abundant, meaningful, and cherished.  Celebrities and ordinary folk wear this style to attend various occasions.

    Explore the opulent grandeur of Temple jewellery with the Nakshi collection and bask in the revival of sweet memories. 

    Add traditional glow to your outfits with the Ganesha Balaji Antique Silver Kempu Choker Set. 

    With choker sets growing in popularity these days, this one is going to become a staple since it suits any color, and is perfect for all occasions. 

    Explore the opulent grandeur of Temple jewellery with the Nakshi collection, and bask in the revival of sweet memories. 

    The Victorian Experience  

    Speaking of memories, do you remember your first introduction to the Victorian Era? Our history books may not have captured the beauty of this era, but the jewelry certainly does. The Victorian period was an era of British colonization and significant cultural growth for the nation and those under it. These cultural changes meant that jewelry was made akin to architecture, abundant with floral and stone-cut motifs, which were the most notable aspects of the time. 

    Our Victorian Collection is based on this cultural change, studded with Cubic zirconia, polki, and semi-precious emeralds to mimic the astute brilliance of Victorian diamond jewelry, all without breaking the bank! With striking pieces that will remind you of your grandmother's jewelry box, let's look at a few of our favorites: 

    The beautiful mixture of cluster pearls and moissanite stones in the Elephant Floral Moissanite Silver Long Necklace Set makes for a look into the past with a recreation of what would otherwise be uncut diamonds set in gold. The Victorian polish reflects on your skin, bathing you in its sparkle.  

    Drape yourself in the elegant jewelry of the Victorian era with these perfect pieces : 

    Experience the  Omkara Moissanite Silver Hasli Necklace Set - shine with the splendour of times long past!

    If you find that you would like a different style of jewellery to match your love for old jewellery, then why not try the  Elephant Tassel Moissanite Silver Necklace Set, which is sure to go perfectly with all your heirloom sarees! 

    The beautiful mixture of cluster pearls and moissanite stones in the  Elephant Floral Moissanite Silver Long Necklace Set makes for a look into the past with a recreation of what would otherwise be uncut diamonds set in gold. The Victorian polish reflects on your skin, bathing you in its gleam. 

    Amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, Paksha Jewellers beckons you to pause, indulge, and connect with the past through our Nakshi, Baroque, and Jadau collections. As you wear a Nakshi necklace, slip on a Victorian bracelet, or drape yourself in the splendor of Jadau jewelry from Paksha, you also adorn yourself with a beautiful piece of history made just for you.

    Wear a piece of history and bring your story to life with Paksha! Our artisans work night and day to create their artwork, which is only enhanced by you.

    Jadau Jewelry 

    Jadau Jewelry is rooted in the Mughal era, specific to the regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan, where this style flourished. Like other jewelry styles, this style also draws inspiration from Mughal culture and architecture. Styles like Kundan and Polki are also part of this overall jewelry style.  

    The most common motifs here are animals, such as fish, peacocks, and elephants. The most common floral motif is generally that of the lotus, made with red kempu and green kempu stones. 

    If you want to relive the grand beauty of the Mughals, we have just the thing for you, our Vihara collection! Seamlessly marrying regal grandeur with modern gemstone settings, each piece offers you a chance to adorn yourself with the magnificence of Kundan and Polki work.   


    Relive the opulence of a royal era while embodying modern spirit with the Krisa Kempu Silver Statement Bridal Necklace. Adorned with floral, fish and bird motifs, this necklace with add glamour to your neckline. 

    Experience the Vihara Collection, an abundance of necklaces, necklace sets, and regal adornments!


    Paksha Jewellery stands as the epitome of opulence and timeless grandeur, embracing the legacy of Nakshi, the opulence of Victorian jewellery, and the regal charm of Jadau. Every piece is an invitation to revisit history and reinvent your style. As you embark on this journey with us, let your heart resonate with the whispers of the past and the promises of the future. Join us as we reimagine the essence of iconic silver jewellery trends, one masterpiece at a time. Stay tuned for more enchanting narratives and let Paksha Jewellery be your companion on this exquisite voyage.