How to Know If My 925 Silver Jewelry is Pure

February 17, 2022 3 min read

How to Know If My 925 Silver Jewelry is Pure

925 silver is a hardened form of silver used in making jewelry. Silver in its original form is a soft metal that can’t be moulded into jewelry. 92.5% silver is combined with an alloy, like copper or nickel to make it malleable. This mixture of silver and an alloy allows the 925 silver to be moulded and crafted into beautiful, timeless pieces of jewelry.

The jewelry design and silver ornaments in the market today are innumerable. With so many options to choose from, it is important to ensure that the investment you make is right and robust. Pure silver is hard to gauge and identify. Here are some ways in which you can ensure that you buy, wear and enjoy effortless  925 silver jewelry.

1. 925 Hallmark Stamp

One of the key identifiers of a  925 silver ornament has to be its stamp of purity. The stamp confirms that the jewelry product contains 92.5% of pure silver. The imprint on the jewelry validates the product’s authenticity. The stamp might not be visible at the first glance but if you keep looking for it, you will definitely find it either beneath a clasp or on the sides of a bracelet. This is one of the first things you need to look for before  buying silver jewelry

2. Tarnish

If your  silver jewelry loses its shine and turns your skin green, then it is probably not pure silver. If your silver jewelry loses its shine, no amount of polishing will be able to return it to its original gleam. But if your jewelry tarnishes, it is a sign that it is real. Despite tarnish, real silver can be polished to restore its original shine and colour. Real silver is timeless and can be polished no matter how much time has passed.

It is also suggested to wipe your jewelry with a clean white cloth to test its authenticity. If the cloth comes back with black marks after wiping, it reconfirms its authenticity. This is because silver oxidizes in the presence of air.

3. The Magnet Test

Silver, like gold and platinum, is not magnetic in nature. Hence, if your jewelry is attracted to a magnet then the product is probably not pure.

4. The Senses

To know if your  silver jewelry is pure, all you need to do is to trust your senses. Allow your sense of smell, sight and touch to help you spot fake silver in jewelry. Keep an eye out for any signs that hint at the discoloration of the jewelry or peeling of the exterior. Silver does not have any kind of odor. If your jewelry smells unnatural then it's most likely fake. Real silver has a smooth finish to it, if the material feels anything but smooth then chances are that you purchased silver that is not entirely pure.

5. The Acid Test

One of the extreme measures that can be taken to determine the authenticity of your silver is an acid test. If the acid placed on the silver changes its colour, then the silver is considered to be counterfeit. Real silver does not change the colour of acid upon contact.  However, we recommend this is not tried at home. Head to a silversmith and get your authenticity confirmed.

The beauty of silver is timeless. Its charm has captivated the hearts of women across the globe. Real silver lasts for centuries and has also been passed on from generation to generation in the past. Why then must one compromise on the authenticity of this elegant metal? For the most pure, ageless and handcrafted silver treasures, visit

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