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  • Elegant Silver Neckpieces That You Can’t Miss!

    April 18, 2022 2 min read

    Elegant Silver Neckpieces That You Can’t Miss!
    Necklaces have always found a way to captivate all of us with their grace, intricate detailing, history or story. Necklaces crafted out of pure 925 silver jewelry at Paksha will almost always have a story to tell; fond memories that you treasure wearing our elegant handcrafted necklaces. Our pieces are crafted by exceptional artisans to accessorize you with nothing but the best.

    Let us walk you through a set of handpicked and handcrafted latest necklace designs that are way too beautiful to miss.

    1. Anya CZ Silver Chain Necklace

    This delicately crafted  silver necklace embedded with zircons and semi-precious stones is a timeless piece of jewelry. The oval-shaped green stones hang in sequence and a single cubic zircon hangs off the base of the stones that cradle the green stones. The bright green truly adds radiance to this necklace.

    2. Wisteria CZ White Gold Silver Necklace

    Crafted with high-grade cubic zircons, each stone is delicately placed to replicate the beauty of blossoms during spring. The stunning piece of short necklace can be styled with other complementing pieces of jewelry decked with cubic zircons. A perfect companion for a dress or a ball gown, this neckpiece is sure to make heads turn.

    3. Ipsita Jadau Charm Silver Necklace

    Adorned with double pearl chains and alternating between gold-filled balls, this long necklace runs all the way along your neck. The highlights of this piece are the three exquisite floral motifs each separated by resplendent red semi-precious stones and gold balls. The floral motifs are encrusted with Polki stones and finished with green beads hanging off of them.  

    They can be paired with silk sarees or silk churidars to elevate the look of your traditional outfits. You can also pair it with other gold-plated silver jhumkas, or statement earrings that complement this exquisite piece of jewelry.

    4. Vajra Jadau Charm Silver Necklace

    When simplicity met elegance, it looked like the Vajra Charm Silver Necklace long. The tiny charms on the delicate pearl necklace define elegance. The charms are inspired by the floral elements of nature and the piece is crafted in silver and plated with gold.

    You can make this necklace an integral part of your ensemble on any special occasion.

    5. Mayura Delicate Charms Silver Necklace

    In the centre of this delicate beauty sits the most beautiful charm inspired by the royal peacock. The charms are held in place by a simple gold-plated silver chain. The chain also features a pair of square collets close to the central charm, an artistic brilliance! The charm is encrusted with green and red Kempu stones in complete harmony to enhance the feel of this piece.

    6. Zaina Moissanite Silver Pendant Necklace

    This exquisite design is new and exciting. It features pear-shaped moissanite stones arranged in the most unique way. This piece is a testament to the versatility of the artisans at work. It is handcrafted to be your perfect companion to any party, soiree or brunch.

    Every  latest necklace design is a work of art and a product of precision and hard work. Every piece is designed to evoke a different feeling in you. The designs might make you feel confident, nostalgic, proud or like an enigma. These pieces are among a chosen few that you cannot miss out on for any special occasion.