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  • 5 Memorable Gifts Your Mother Will Absolutely Love!

    May 26, 2022 2 min read

    5 Memorable Gifts Your Mother Will Absolutely Love!
    Silver jewelry’s versatility, grace, and timelessness make it the perfect choice to honour and celebrate a mother’s sacrifice and unconditional love and her beautiful bond with her children. The exuberance of silver jewelry is  pure and unparalleled, just like the presence of a mother in our lives. Find the perfect jewelry for your lovely mothers at Paksha and show some more love to all of them.

    Here are Paksha’s top picks that’ll make absolutely stunning and memorable gifts for your mothers.

    1. Shvaas Jadau Silver Choker Necklace

    This handcrafted Latest necklace design in silver is  plated with gold and is accentuated with clusters of demurely hanging pearls that fall from motifs that resemble water droplets. Jadau and kempu elements in this necklace are key to making it look highly attractive. The red and white stones complement each other so beautifully to make this piece a perfect gifting choice for your mothers.

    2. Riba Jadau Pendant Necklace

    Pendant necklaces are a classic and the beauty of this classic is brought out by this masterfully crafted pendant necklace by the artisans to form a beautiful and bright floral motif. This Latest necklace design  features a gold-filled pendant, embedded with Kempu stones. The design is finished with a cluster of pearls hanging from it which makes it absolutely stunning. The design also features a motif of a fish that holds the floral motif in place to complete the look. This timeless design is a perfect gift if your mother likes simple yet bold statement jewelry.

    3. Trillium Drop Silver Earrings

    These charming drop silver earrings are inspired by trillium, a plant with flowers that contain only three petals. This quaint design is a testament to the skilful craftsmanship of Paksha artisans. The colour of the beads is a shade of deep red, it is powerful and charming in every way and the cluster of pearls just accentuates this same quality. The uncut moissanite stones are just what this piece needed to take it to another level. These earrings would make for the perfect gift for your mothers.

    4. Suramya Kempu Jadau Silver Bangles

    From Paksha’s heirloom handcrafted jewelry line, this uniquely crafted design is unlike every other bangle design. The motifs give the piece its form and shape which is inspired by the moon-like motifs which carry the floral motifs in a recurring design. The combination of traditional Kemp colors, motifs and design infuses an old-world charm into the design. This gold-plated silver bangle is an accessory that your mother can put on during a special occasion. It is designed to be a perfect conversation starter.

    5. Auberon CZ Silver Stud Earrings

    This carefully crafted silver stud presents intricate detailing with so much ease and grace. The CZ stones in squares and circles are soothing to the eyes. The sparkly CZ gemstones and the detailing make this silver earring look breathtakingly gorgeous. The red stone in the centre ties the aesthetics of the design and holds it together, much like how a mother nurtures and holds the family and relationships together.  

    Make simple moments special and special moments memorable in your mother’s life with pure silver jewelry designed and handcrafted by expert artisans at Paksha.