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  • 5 Bold and Beautiful Silver Earrings that Make a Statement

    July 19, 2022 3 min read

    5 Bold and Beautiful Silver Earrings that Make a Statement
    Earrings add definition to our outfits and complete our look in a way that turns heads anywhere we go. Silver earrings are your perfect conversation starters for a party, soiree or wedding. The bold designs, intricate detailing and elaborate stonework are a testament to the skills of the artisans at Paksha. This exact quality sets the bold and beautiful earrings designs at Paksha, apart from others.

    Make a statement with these 5 stunningly beautiful silver earrings available at Paksha’s online store.

    1. Kaia Kempu Jadau Silver Earrings

    Intricate enamel detailing, gold filled earrings bring out a bolder, more attractive side of this understated piece of jewelry. Floral motifs deck the major part of this design while the other half of the design is embellished with a beautiful arrangement of Jadau stones and dainty pearls that add a touch of delight to this entire piece of jewelry. You can style this bold statement earring with sarees, lehengas and other traditional ethnic wear and amp up your ethnic fashion game.

    2. Jharna Modern Drop Silver Earrings

    Jharna is design that is never going to stop fascinating you with nuances that you keep discovering on the go. You find something new to admire and obsess over with this earring. Jharna is a riot of colours, there’s an explosion of red, green, blue, orange, white and off-white colours. Each colour promises an experience of its own. The piece is designed to capture the richness of the diverse Indian culture. The expert artisans bring the flora and fauna to life with new-age, vibrant designs. The subtlety of pearls and the grandeur of the rest of the design balances each other and gives the piece a charming presence.

    The piece will go really well with all your traditional ethnic wear especially silk sarees, half-sarees or lehengas and shararas.

    3. Soma Moissanite Silver Chandbali Earrings

    In an enchantingly beautiful chandbali design, floral nuances accentuate this traditional design with sparkling moissanite and cubic zircon stones. You will find yourself in awe of this perfectly crafted masterpiece. The deep green drops are ever so beautiful when hanging gracefully from the crescent shaped delight. Style this exquisite silver earring at a party, soiree, wedding, sangeet, bridal shower etc and make a statement.

    4. Padma Signature Silver Earrings

    You can never go wrong with this bold, signature design. The grand display of the meticulous detailing in a cascading fashion is truly a vision. It is designed to make you feel special and beyond beautiful. It is a fine piece of silver jewelry designed to be an integral part of your bridal entourage. The introduction of jhumkis at the end of this piece is the best way to add the finishing touches. The green and red kempu stones, pearl clusters, floral nuances all make for a pair of heirloom earrings that is sure to leave you in awe.

    5. Rasika Chandlier Silver CZ Earrings

    Rasika is a classic chandelier design at the center of which there is this resplendent deep green stone which sets the tone for this classy statement piece. The earring is decked with fine cubic zircon stones which add brightness and sparkle to this already dreamy piece of jewelry. You never go wrong wearing this elegant pair of earrings designed to be worn with a dress, ball gown, or a designer saree.

    The artisans at Paksha design never fail to deliver on designs that make our special moments memorable with meticulously handcrafted pieces of understated grandeur and vibrance.