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    Nothing says Indian as the Jhumki Earrings. With the inimitable bell shape embellished with different motifs, the jhumki earrings have been gracing the ears and hearts of Indian women across centuries. Given their popularity and usage through different ages, jhumki earrings are the perfect example of ageless jewelry. Traditional jhumki earrings go well with ethnic wear whereas fusion jhumki earrings with tribal motifs or oxidized silver can be worn with casual outfits also. Pakshaโ€™s pure silver jhumki jewellery is sure to make you stand out, no matter the style.ย ย 

    Jhumki earrings are very popular among Indian brides-to-be given their rich history. In fact, jhumki earrings are quite the staple for a bridal trousseau or on a festive occasion. Jhumkis are one of the most coveted style ofย ย earrings among the women of Indian, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Owing to its unique design, jhumki can add an instant traditional touch to any look whereas its versatility allows for jhumkis to be worn with contemporary outfits equally comfortably.ย ย 

    The timeless jhumki earrings have the distinct bell shape with metal beads suspended from it. The jhumki earrings, generally, have floral and leaf motifs in their designs that make them quite exceptional. Five of the most popular silver jhumki earrings are:ย ย 

    1.ย Shukti Jadau Silver Jhumki Earrings:ย ย Look your royal best on your wedding day in the Shukti jadau Silver Jhumki Earrings. Made in theย ย Jadau style with semi-precious beads and stones, tinyย ย pearls, and pink enamel detailing, these handcrafted jhumki earrings are a breathtaking example of heritage jewellery and embody the passion of their designers. You can also find floral motifs adding to the elegance of these gold-plated 925 silver jhumki earrings.ย ย 

    2.ย Arni Polki Jhumki Silver Earrings:ย ย The graceful Arni Polki Jhumki Silver Earringsare most appropriate for weddings and festive occasions. Crafted in antique gold-pated 925 silver setting with semi-precious Polki stones and tiny clustered pearls, these jhumkis will become your go-to earrings on any occasion.ย ย 

    3.ย Cherika Kempu Oxidized Silver Jhumki Earrings:ย ย The Cherika Kempu Oxidized Silver Jhumki Earrings are quite unique given the pairing of pink Kempu stones with oxidized silver. This handcrafted beauty has a quaint touch to it with a long intricately designed floral dome. These rare earrings can be matched with complementary jewellery like bracelets or layeredย ย necklaces to create a statement look.ย 

    4.ย Mandira Grand Kempu Silver Jhumki Earrings:ย ย The epitome ofย ย statement earrings, the classically beautiful Mandira Grand Kempu Silver Jhumki Earrings are indeed very grand to look at and a perfect bridal trousseau must-have. With double jhumkis, uncut coloured Polki stones and cluster pearls, these gold-plated silver earrings are a showstopper and will add grace to any wedding outfit.ย ย 

    5.ย Kalika Kempu Jadau Silver Jhumki Earrings:ย ย The Kalika Kempu Jadau Silver Jhumki Earrings will make your heart skip a beat with their intricate statement design while the grace of three mini-jhumkis suspended from an elegant floral bud will make you speechless. With semi-precious Kempu and Jadau stones as well asย ย pearls adding to the elaborate look of these earrings, they are simply remarkable and will make a bold statement at any festive occasion or wedding celebration.ย